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Rape: Of the Victim and the Accused

Rape victims and survivors suffer great trauma what with all the commotion raised by internet users who took to various social media platforms to p…

Twin Sisters Impregnated by Same Man in Akwa Ibom Dedicate Children

Twin sisters who were impregnated by the same man in Akwa Ibom have dedicated their children in church. According to a Facebook user, FearGod Akpakpa…

Saying No to Rape beyond the Words

The problems in our society are quite appalling. Different problems everyday, it is quite disheartening to wake up to this awful news daily. From rap…

7 Ways to End Violence Against Women

Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread violations of human rights. It further intensified during the Covid19 with  increasi…

Opinion: Partners for Developmental Revolutions: Youthocracy by Ekpa Stanley Ekpa

Myriads of theorizing upon predictions, Africa is gradually earning a swelling reputation for over romanticizing ideologies than taking bold actions …

Poetry: Found

"And when I saw her" "I could not forget" "Her eyelids dropped" "Her hair seemed wet" "She seemed not to…

Suicide: The Dissolution but not the Solution by Damilola Akinlolu

Suicidal thoughts have become a norm in our society, as many see it as the lasting solution to a temporary problem. Putting an end to one's life …

Short Story: The Shooting Star

Adetoun walked down the streets slowly, she looked quite torn between two worlds – the world of reality and that of her thoughts. She mistakenly bump…

Editorial: Slaying Begins at Home

In our world today, the concept of slay queens means

Top 10 Babcock University Graduates Making Waves in the Entertainment Industry

Babcock University has a history that dates back to 1959 when the Adventist College of West Africa was established. In 1999 it was granted full unive…
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