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Walk the Talk

Impact is giving Hope to Someone who cannot Repay You - Oyeleye Kehinde Emmanuel

NNI: Can we meet you? Guest:   Oyeleye Kehinde Emmanuel hails from Ikun-Akoko in Akoko South West Local Government of Ondo state . I hold…

''We Are Only Familiar with What We Know''- Yemisi Ajeojo Speaks on new Book

Yemisi, 23, is passionate about community development, business growth and guiding young people to recognize and maximize the resources within and …

Influence is not a Function of the Position You Occupy- Daniel Olubunmi

Daniel Olubunmi, a Physiotherapist and Youth Leadership Model shares his views on youths, leadership and the future. Join us as we Walk The Talk wi…

If You Can't Build an Online Business, Build Your Business Online - Clement Oyinlola - Head of Operations, Terabyte

If you do not believe the popular saying that running a business without doing advertisement is like winking at a girl in the dark (you know what…

If you engage in Digital Businesses as a Cover for Fraud, Your sins will find you Out - Kehinde Odeyemi

As Digital Trends get disruptive by the day, there is every chance at it that onventional work modes will exit the human space soon. We walked the …
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