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Impact is giving Hope to Someone who cannot Repay You - Oyeleye Kehinde Emmanuel

Impact is giving hope to someone who can never repay you- Oyeleye Kehinde, Founder, Acalypha Initiative

oyeleye kehinde
NNI: Can we meet you?
Guest:  Oyeleye Kehinde Emmanuel hails from Ikun-Akoko in Akoko South West Local Government of Ondo state. I hold a bachelor's degree in Local government and Development Studies from the Obafemi Awolowo University, and I'm presently running my masters degree program in Public Administration though working as an administrative officer at the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Ondo state. I am a Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA), Peace Ambassador for YCAPF, Child Protection Ambassador at My Body is My Body and just recently I was named a Global Youth Ambassador at TheirWorld.

NNI: How has the social entrepreneurship journey been for you so far?
Guest: (Smiles) Hm.. My social entrepreneurship journey has been quite tasking for me such that it has helped to develop me better. I must say that the sacrifice committed to birthing result isn't a small thing.. But many thanks to God who had afforded us Grace for the journey
 oyeleye kehinde interview

NNI: What does managing an NGO entail? Are there any special skills you have to learn?
Guest: Managing an NGO is like managing a corporate business outlet which requires skilled workers but in this case, Volunteers. However, soft skills are of utmost importance... Time management skills, problem solving skills, Emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills. Let me say that in this business, Passion, commitment and resilience is what makes a successful NGO.

NNI: In pulling up innovative programmes and schemes, what is your experience?
Guest: Innovative programs are at the mercy of the Volunteers and leaders we have as a family. The creativity and innovation isn't a one man thing. We relate as a family where everyone's voice is recognized and respected. Gaining mastery of how to relate with your team will by default ease the innovative process. For me the experience has been amazing.

NNI: What do you do at the Acalypha Initiative?
Guest: Acalypha Initiative is a non governmental organization that seeks to bring hope to children living in low income communities through our tripartite programs, ranging from Educational Sponsorship, Advocacy and Sensitization, and Charity Project.

NNI: What do you think about NGOs and Awards & Recognition? 
Guest: I have not been so desperate for Recognition and fame. However, what I see in this day and time is competition between and among NGOs and not collaboration. Many are so conscious of awards and Recognition such that they loose the very essence of why they started out. Many well meaning NGOs are doing well but have deviated from impact to ways of getting recognized. That is why many do not leave behind a legacy.

NNI: Can impact truly be measured? What defines impact for you at the Acalypha Initiative?
Guest: Impact can be measured depending on the parameters individuals use to measure it. For us at Acalypha Initiative, impact for us is when can minister hope to a child who can never repay us back. Our Impact isn't defined by number but by that one life who for his or her cause such project was organized.

NNI: What is your view on Global Youth Development and growth? Do you think we are making progress?
Guest: Global Youth development is actually progressive in this day and time with access to the internet, opportunities, training, conferences, fellowships etc.

NNI: While NGOs revolve round people, recent World Health Issues have affected NGO operations. What role do you think NGOs can play as regards Global Health Problems like the Coronavirus?
Guest: NGOs at this time should work alongside the WHO to rase awareness and focus on ways to harness the use of technology for their advantage. Possibly, NGOs can distribute sanitizers and nose masks to affected citizens. Online summits, trainings etc are needful at this time.

NNI: Managing an organisation requires funding. Do you think funding levels for NGOs have reduced? Why? 
Guest: Yes running an NGO requires funding however, if we all have to wait for funding no one would change the world. I must say that the government is not even helping in funding at all safe for embassies, banks and private firms who through pitching competitions have to select those that become beneficiaries of the grant.

One who runs an NGO must then leverage on other currencies that can create such result. For me money is one of many currencies one can use in running an NGO.. (smiles)

NNI: What is your advice to fellow young individuals?
Guest: In this day and time my advice is that we all take precautions necessary with respect to the Covid 19 that has ravaged the globe. Also, individuals must be intentional about growth and self development through learning and relearning

NNI: What new heights are you scaling at the Acalypha Initiative? Any bigger plans?
Guest: There is no foundation without a plan, it's either it's realistic or not. 
We have got plans on ground before the Corona outbreak. However, we are looking at how we can leverage on this perilous time to still create change and impact the world. I must confess that we would be limited in our results if the situation stands as it is for the next couple of months. But in God we trust. All will be well. All we do isn't for fame but on an account of that we are sent by God, we are to retreat at this time to strategize and come back strong.

Thank you very much for your time sir.



  1. Nice one. Keep impacting and changing live.
  2. Nice one. Keep making a difference
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