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Biography of Modolapo Osifuwa

Born in 1993, Omodolapo Osifuwa is a fast rising Nollywood Actress, comedian and model with an exceptional talent fused with her accent. She is popul…

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Biography of Adeballer Michael

Adeballer Michael is a social media influencer and skit maker. He is an Afrobeats Lover. Adeballer Michael is active on social media. You can connect…

Biography of Adebowale David Ibrahim Adedayo (Mr Macaroni)

Adebowale David Ibrahim Adedayo, popularly known by his stage name Mr Macaroni, is a Nigerian Comic skit maker,an actor and a strong willed Politic…

Biography of Okusanya Ololade

Born on 13th September 1994, Okusanya Ololade is a Nigerian based AMVCA Award Winning actress, influencer and social media celebrity notable for he…

Biography of Obi Nnamdi Benign

Obi Nnamdi Benign, who is popularly known as SalesmanObi, is a Nigerian Sales Coach

Full List of Towns and Villages in Ekiti State

Established in 19, Ekiti state is a fast growing part of Nigeria. Of many notable things in the land, it is unique for its towns and villages which a…

Biography of Mide Funmi Martins

Mide Funmi Martins is a Yoruba Nigerian actress. Mide Funmi Martins is the daughter of late popular Yoruba actress Funmi Martins, who passed away in …
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