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47 Percent of Online School Students are Prone to Dropping Out, NMA Reports

With the intrusion of COVID-19 in the first quarter of 2020, students and educators have taken to online classes as an alternative s…

Power: Looking Towards Heavens (Solar energy) and Earth (coal &Hydroenergy)

Solar energy, radiation from the Sun capable of producing heat, causing chemical reactions, or generating electricity. The total amount of solar ener…

7 Ways to End Violence Against Women

Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread violations of human rights. It further intensified during the Covid19 with  increasi…

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Skin Care Products

As the name suggests, Skin care simply means the care of the skin. You can simply take care of your skin with any kind of skin products that comes …

Family Plays a Huge Role in Language Appreciation - Olagunju Modupe

Olagunju Modupe believes that our Local language generally brings about cultural identity. As Founder of Yoruba Learning Initiative, Asalewa, the fu…

Everything you need to know about Oyotunji - A Yoruba Kingdom in the United States of America

Oyotunji African Village is a village located near Sheldon, Beaufort County, South Carolina. It was founded by Oba Efuntola Oseijeman Adelabu Adefunm…
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