Who do you trust? 
If you ask me this question, I would reel out a lot of secrets to you and leave you to deduce the answer yourself. I actually find it hard to trust people myself; I mean my feelings or even my things, my integrity and whatever concerns me. If I trust you, it has to be that you have earned it based on what you have done or been through and I know what you are capable of doing. However, I hear some trust people based on their confessions; I mean what they say they are capable of doing. Well, mine is not so. For me to trust you, I must have my evidence. Don’t judge me, it’s my opinion. 
Some people say I am a difficult person and that I will find it hard to get in a relationship because I find it hard to trust people. However, my belief is that relationships are built on trust and that any relationship void of trust in the participants will crumble.
My attitude towards trust is as a result of my past experience. I have trusted people with my deepest thoughts, thoughts that made me cry, thoughts that make me feel down casted. I have trusted people and really, a trial has convinced me.
I had a hard time in my third year in school; things were so bad that money was a very scarce commodity. It was the time Nigeria was going through a serious economic recession with huge debts of school fees to pay. I could tell no one of the difficulties I was going through. I tried a lot of things I thought could help but all was futile with. Then, I found someone I could call a friend. He claimed to have been through my predicament while he was in school. His own experience was even worse than mine that I began pitying. Then and there did I conclude that I was better off than some people while some are better than me; this is the Irony of life.
My so called friend has been a leader for years and also stood in the position of counseling young undergraduate students while he was in school. He was highly revered and recommended to be capable of holding any leadership post. All these summed up the bases for my judgment that he could be trusted. The fact that he had experienced my present situation added to my trust in him.
I reeled out my problems to him with the hope that I could lean on him for advice. I told him of the difficulties I had only for Him to spill out my secrets in public. He was the first to accuse me of my inabilities which was due to my financial in capabilities. I had little to finance my daily needs and was left with little to fund other needs and he made me a scapegoat publicly. I felt betrayed and disappointed. I looked into his eyes and all I could see was betrayal. I could not say anything against him because he already knew my secrets to the marrow. I blamed myself for telling him too much about me. I could not say anything for I had broken down my entire defence with my hands.
Trust, an abstract which you develop in someone or something based on an evidence of what they have done or is capable of doing is built overtime.
My trust in people has been breached overtime that giving it out to people require a lot of thinking. Someone once told me that I might find it hard to fall in love, well I don't know yet but we all at one time in our lives have experienced the same ordeal in different ways.
However, experience they say is the best teacher but the best and more profitable way to learn is from the experience of other people who have attained certain level of maturity. It is better to always give people an element of doubt that they could breach your trust in them some day so that when they do, you would not have an heart break that could totally mar you but at least a heart that will be amendable………………..my opinion, what do you think?