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Saying No to Rape beyond the Words

Saing No to Rape beyond the Words

The problems in our society are quite appalling. Different problems everyday, it is quite disheartening to wake up to this awful news daily. From rape to racism and others. What's happening to the world?

Why do we train our women to be responsible and forget to train most of our men?
We live in a society where the woman is blamed for being raped. Rape is never the victims' fault because no body wants to be raped. We tell our women to dress well to avoid rape but it is not about the dressing. Modestly dressed people get raped, babies are raped and we blame it on the dressing of the woman. We have freedom to dress in the way we like but then we become scared.

We live in a society where we let innocent women be raped, get blamed and die of depression or sometimes even get killed by the rapist while the rapists roam the street like innocent people. Most women who get raped can't even speak up because of the fear of been condemned by the society. It's true that men also get raped but the cases of male rape is very low compared to that of women.

We need to be bold and speak up. We are the change we want to see in the world.

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