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Prospa Helps Nigerian Brands to Own Corporate Bank Accounts

Prospa is a Fintech app that makes it easy for businesses (both small and big) to create bank accounts from home for free. It is a current account fo…

How Ajo Money is Digitizing Thrifts and Local Saving Communities

AjoMoney is building an operating system that will make it possible for people to do rotating savings and credit seamlessly: "AjoMoney, a financ…

The Law of Value - For or Against The Naira?

When you meet some handicapped begging, you would be quick to contain the realities of his physical state and give him whatever your good mind can. …

How Piggyvest Is Helping Nigerians Grow Financially

No matter the amount you earn from your job, businesses, investments or anything else you do, saving could come easy or hard for you, especially beca…

What You Should Know About Black Friday

Black Friday is a famous sales weekend that evolved from the Thanksgiving day just after summer. Usually, a significant number of individuals get to …

How to Engage Risk Management and Scale Business Growth

This Post COVID-19 season has brought with it,  really difficult growth businesses all over the world. While some are out of goods, some have not bee…

KoloNigeria launches disruptive Financial Service

KoloNigeria, a financial management company that operates a reformed thrift system is set to disrupt the social media space with the in…
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