KoloNigeria introduces financial intelligence

KoloNigeria, a financial management company that operates a reformed thrift system is set to disrupt the social media space with the introduction of its new customer support bot.

Sisi, the bot, functions via the website and blog to give financial intelligence aids to individuals who are business inclined, investors and generally conscious of their wealth.

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In a release announcing the launch, the KoloNG team led a notice to include that the platform operates an all inclusive system and in its operations, your financial responses are custom and personalised. 

The KoloNigeria startup with its agent roots operates in Lagos, Ondo, Osun (Ile-Ife) and Ibadan. All operations are managed via the company's website and her head office in Ondo State, Nigeria. The company started operations in 2019 with an idea phased trial platform.