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The Law of Value - For or Against The Naira?

The Law of Value - For or Against The Naira? By Nelson Vincent
When you meet some handicapped begging, you would be quick to contain the realities of his physical state and give him whatever your good mind can. On the other hand, when you see a full grown, body abled man, begging for money, what happens? 
I dipped my hands into my wallet and got the worst, tattered Naira notes and gave it out to them. You know what? They accepted it with great ecstascy. Right there, they taught me value!

Water is free (except you choose to buy packed water) and can be gotten almost everywhere but Coca Cola is expensive. At the same time, Air is free but Air Conditioner is expensive. A heart is free but a kidney transplant is costly, and so I have noticed that the most precious things in life are either free or cheap. The Salvation of Jesus is free but to get a herbalist to work for you isn't free. Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web (www) and made it free for everyone but Bill Gate's windows softwares aren't free. Android OS is free for all but Apple OS isn't. Newspapers aren't free but reading news online is free. These are just few...
The Law of Value says that "If you want to create an awesome value born out of a great vision, CONSIDER the PRICE, make it cheap so that even a fool can afford it and gain wisdom."

Anything that is much more smaller has value; whatsoever we feel has no value, has much more value than we can ever imagine

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