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Opinion: Today, Everyone is an Influencer

A PR is a person involved in public relations. Being a PR (also known as an influencer of recent) has suddenly become a highly sought after job by th…

The Binoculars: Seeing Beyond The Present

Sometimes, we look at the year and ask many questions. If you had known the uncertainties in this year, you'd probably not bother laying out any …

Editorial: Live and Let Live

Editorial: Live and Let Live

Catcalling: A Rape Culture or Catching Cruise

"Red Alert……….. Virgin!!!!!!Deflowered!!!!!!  Choose a path and be sincere for the gods know the truth". " What is all this again. I a…

Everything You Need to Know about Anxiety Disorders

So everyone’s been talking and focusing on “depression” and throwing all their weight into it, making it seems like the only mental health issue. Don…

Of the Shi’ites and the Nigerian Federal Government

Following the declaration of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) as a terrorist group by the Federal High Court, Abuja and proscription order of the gr…

Opinion: When Opposition Goes Wrong by Awosusi Opeyemi

For so long the People's Democratic Party (PDP) has been marauded with leadership crisis. This is however not uncommon to the party as it has alw…

42 anti-malaria drugs banned in Europe still consumed in Nigeria, says Senate

THE Senate yesterday raised the alarm that all the forty two anti- malaria drugs banned in Europe were still being stockpiled, sold and consumed in N…
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