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Biography of Juliana Olayode

Juliana Olayode is a Nigerian based actress, book author, influencer and creative

Biography of Odunlade Adekola

The Yoruba movie industry, like many ethnic movie industries, has put to good use the emergence of social media and the internet at large. The indust…

Biography of Honourable Abdulgafar Ahmed Abiola (Cute Abiola)

Honourable Abdulgafar Ahmed Abiola, who is popularly known as Cute Abiola, is a Nigerian comedian, actor, YouTuber and Internet influencer. Biography…

Biography of Abiola Ayomide Adebayo

Abiola Ayomide Adebayo is a Nigerian based actress, producer, TV Presenter, Brand Ambassador, Influencer and Entrepreneur  Business page @everythingr…

June 12, 1993: The Annulled Hope of the Common Man

In the history of Nigeria till date, the freest and fairest election according to history was conducted on this day, June 12, 1993. The whole nation …

Family Plays a Huge Role in Language Appreciation - Olagunju Modupe

Olagunju Modupe believes that our Local language generally brings about cultural identity. As Founder of Yoruba Learning Initiative, Asalewa, the fu…

Gender-Based Violence: The Raging Shadow Pandemic

November 25th of every year marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women around the world plus it's 16 days activism…
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