Independent PR Agency
By recent trends, businesses have launched a hunt, looking at ways to reduce their expenditure by proper planning and budgeting. Many companies strategize and plan their Communications and PR budget far ahead of every new season, except in the face of a national or global crisis. While drafting these budgets, one key area companies look at is Independent PR Measurement budgeting and planning. This trend isgradually bringing an end to spending without measuring or getting key insights of the industry as the awareness of PR Measurement grows by the day.

The need for an independent PR Firm in company activities does not mean that the internal PR Department is non-functional. It however means that there are essential services that will best be provided by an independent team. Key economic sectors that are fast embracing PR measurement include the financial sector, FMCG, Airlines, NGOs and Government. Especially for institutions as the government, it is a common knowledge that media monitoring and measurement plays a key role in elections, from crisis measurement to situation analysis and reputation measurement.This is one good spot for independent PR Firms.

Independent PR measurement services help organizations save cost while helping brands get value for their communications and PR expenditure. To permit an accurate, precise and effective PR plan, PR Measurement services, should be taken into consideration independently.

Some key tasks that a PR measurement agency can help an organization achieve include Media Performance Audit, Print & Online media Journalist Relationship Measurement (JRM), Reputation measurement, Media Campaign Evaluation, PR impact score analysis, Fake News analysis, Crisis Measurement, Competitive Analysis and many more.