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One beautiful night, as the fireflies danced around, and the owls sang the songs of the night, I sat at my father's feet enjoying the chilly night breeze. "Baami, Baami, Baami", I repeated continuously just like every small impatient child would call the parent. He laughed and his entire body shook with his laughter. "Akanni Ade, you know I can hear you if you call me once", he replied. I smiled and I said "Baami, it's time for you to tell me a story". He laughed once again, his eyes twinkling in the glow of the atupa and said "your father has not forgotten, I've not grown so old, my child".

 "Open your ears now, Akanni, and learn from the story I want to tell you", he added. I nodded obediently and prepared to listen with rapt attention.

Once upon a time, in the land of men, when the sky and the sea were still good friends, there lived a farmer who was known by all as Àgbeloba, he had some plots of land which he used for planting every year. It was just the start of the planting season, and so, he went to the market to buy seeds, as was his tradition every year.

The next day, he planted the vegetable seeds on the farm first, then he planted few maize seeds and very few cocoa seeds just beside where he planted the maize. After doing all this, he prayed to Olodumare for rapid growth of the seeds.

Day after day, the seeds were growing, only one maize seed germinated and grew into a young plant, likewise the cocoa seeds too - only one cocoa seed germinated. The maize seed grew very fast into a seedling, and thereafter into a young plant. It even started blossoming after few months. Meanwhile, the cocoa seed had only become a seedling even as the maize plant had started blossoming.
The cocoa seedling wasn't happy and one day, he went to the maize plant lamenting
"How is it that you have started bringing out flowers and I'm still a seedling?"

The proud maize replied "You're just too slow, your seed isn't too fine like mine".

The cocoa seedling lived in misery every day and his growth started to decrease with time. There was a wise old orange tree that was planted not too far from the maize plant and the cocoa seedling. It had been observing all that was happening, and so it decided to interfere.
"Young one, don't despair, for in this life, you see, there is a time for everything, your time to bloom will come. Besides, this maize plant will soon die but you'll live much longer. Don't compare yourself with the maize plant, just have some patience. I also waited for some years before I started blooming with flowers". The cocoa seedling hearkened to this old tree's advice.

After one year, the maize produced some maize cobs and soon enough, it died. The cocoa seedling was surprised and then, got encouraged to have more patience. After three long years, the cocoa seedling woke up one day to find some flowers on his branches. The cocoa seedling was overjoyed and knew the time had come. The cocoa seedling thanked the wise orange tree for the advice.
Then said "Truly, there is time for everything. One must wait for his/her time". The end.

"Wow, Bàámi, such a beautiful story", said Akanni. He replied "Thank you, Akanni, always remember there is a time for everything. No matter what problem you have, always remember that the good times are not far away. Have patience, my son and you shall be successful..."
My father's voice echoed in my head as I remembered this story. I sighed and remembered how life was "worry-less" as a young child. Now, I'm living in one room in a "face-me-I-face-you" house, without a job. I was still holding the sack letter in my hand as I remembered my father's words. The company was going through tough times and had to lay off some members of staff. I stood up with newly found courage as I adorned my neck with ornaments of my father's advice. I went out to try and solve my problems, there is no giving up...

Baami - my father
Àtupa - lantern
Olodumare - God


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