Stroke occurs when there is blockage in  the flow of  blood to the brain and the part of the body that the blood-deprived brain cells control stops working. This deprive the brain from functioning well due to the fact that the blockage prevent the supply of oxygen into the brain tissues.  Stroke can lead to death if not properly treated at the early stage and can either be Transient Ischemic Attack(TIA) which is due to blood clot or ischemic stroke  (i.e lack of blood flow) or hemorrhagic stroke (leaking of blood).
TIA is temporary. It get treated on it own but if not noticed or proper treatment isn't done,it leads to Ischemic stroke and can lead to death.
The symptoms to  look out for include;
Vision problem
 Severe headache
Difficulty in walking and in speech

Stroke can be very severe in some cases and its risk factors include signs of obesity, health issues such as blood pressure,diabetes, heart disease and other vascular diseases. Also, sometimes, the genetic history of an individual may be considered as a risk factor, especially if there are direct traces in such genetic history. Other risk factors include eating food with much salt, saturated fats and cholesterol as well as smoking, taking illicit drugs and alcohol

Having mentioned the risk factors, it is important to note that stroke can be prevented if the below is taken:

1. Quit Smoking and Limit Alcohol use

If you really want to beat stroke, it is important to stop smoking and completely desist from drinking alcohol.

2. Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight
3. Treat diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure
4. Eat healthy food such as food  containing fruits, Vegetables, wholegrains and legumes.