If you are scared of the truth, turning back at this point may be the best thing to do. In reality, the truth is a bastard while the Lie has a father.

Growing up many years ago, I remember my home lesson teacher's assignment. The home lesson itself was a punishment, much more the assignment. This home lesson came not because I was "unbrilliant" but because I was practically stubborn
This day, my aunt had me write in my lesson note:
"Write an essay on the topic: Nigeria, an empty giant of Africa."

This was a strong and wide topic for a boy of ten years- I was about rounding off my primary school education. Obviously, I barely knew about life in my family, much more Nigeria save for the fact that things have changed in comparison to now- living conditions and standards.

Till today, that topic rings a bell. I choose to remember that there was anomie in the Nigerian state back then. Now, it's worse.

At a point, I felt nothing could be done to change things. This was not because of pessimism- I've always been optimistic as relates to Nigeria.

Now, thanks to change. I see something making that proposition in my lesson note invalid, thanks to the present administration. However, I believe that her campaign slogan was too wide... Change is nice, change is wanted but change is gradual...

Shout out to PMN. He is a wise man, going after the principle of "tell them what they want to hear."
However, I choose to utter: "Cursed be anyone who lies to the masses in the want of Votes"
"Cursed be anyone who for the taste of pottage, sells his birthright"

This piece is coming at this point in time because everywhere near me, an election would take place- My Faculty, my department, my University, my state and Nigeria as a whole. Let Nigerians make open their stand, don't be gullible, yet be wise.

In the words of my Father:
"Go to the ants, consider their ways and be wise".

"This piece seeks to address salient issues as concerns politics. However, any resemblance in the nominal is not purposeful."