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Many Set Up NGOs for Selfish Reasons - Adeosun Adedayo

Many People Set Up NGOs for Selfish Reasons - Adeosun Adedayo

Many Set Up NGOs for Selfish Reasons - Adeosun Adedayo

Adeosun Adedayo is a Social Volunteer in active volunteering for about 5 years now. In this interview, she tells us how she handles NGO leadership and Social Relations.

NNI: Can we meet you?
Guest: I'm Adeosun, Adedayo Ifeoluwa, popularly known as Ifedayo. I'm from a family of four. I hail from Ogun State and I'm a graduate of the Department of Public Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University. I'm an entrepreneur, CEO DEE STORES and I also help businesses grow using different tested and trusted strategies. Lastly I'm a social volunteer. I enjoy volunteering and I've actively volunteered for 5 years now.

NNI: How has the social entrepreneurship journey been for you so far?
Guest: It's Been both good and bad but we bless God. There's been a lot of challenges but passion has kept me in place.
Adeosun Ifedayo

NNI: What does managing an NGO entail? Are there any skills you have to learn?
Guest: Managing an NGO actually entails a lot. It requires passion, commitment, energy, time, money and endurance.  And Yeah there are skills to learn. That is why it's advisable to actively volunteer for months or years before setting up an NGO. 80% of these skills are learnt during volunteering.

NNI: In pulling up NGO projects  and schemes, what is your experience?
Guest: Pulling up innovative programs is actually a very beautiful thing I look forward too but it's exhausting at times. More challenges come up during planning and funding while execution comes easily when planning and funding is in place. My experience in pulling up innovative programs has been a mix of both good and crazy.

NNI: What do you do at the Ifedayo Foundation?
Guest: Ifedayo foundation is working towards SDG 3 (health and well-being). This is to ensure that communities have access to health care. We cater for children, the less privileged, orphanages, slums and rural communities. True humanitarianism is our lifestyle at the Ifedayo foundation.

The ifedayo foundation

NNI: What do you think about NGOs and Awards & Recognition?
Guest: I think this actually applies mostly to big NGOs. Many NGOs that are just starting up and are in their first to fifth year are hardly recognized. In recent times, NGO awards and recognitions go up for the "big people and politicians" who own NGOs.

NNI: Can impact truly be measured? What defines impact for you at the Ifedayo Foundation?
Guest: Hmm. Impact itself cannot be measured. However, impact shows up for itself. You can't measure impact based on the number of places you've visited but by the number of lives that have been changed positively because of you. For Ifedayo foundation we've been able to put smiles on over  one thousand faces in more than six communities in our first year.

NNI: What is your view on Global Youth Development and growth? Do you think we are making progress?
Guest: Truthfully, many youths are trying their best, but we still have a large number that are not even informed about global development not to talk about working towards achieving global growth. It is in the ratio of 40-60. We're actually making progress but the global challenges we experience too has not made the progress visible.

NNI: Managing an organisation like the Ifedayo Foundation requires funding. Do you think funding levels for NGOs have reduced? Why?
Guest: Yes, funding levels has reduced. Funding is one of the drives of NGOs. Funding levels reduced mainly because some people chose to start or set up NGOs for selfish reasons. Asides this, many NGOs misappropriate funds.

NNI: While NGOs revolve round people, recent World Health Issues have affected NGO operations. What role do you think NGOs can play as regards Global Health Problems like the Coronavirus?
Guest: Awareness has been a major and key instrument used to reach out because of the recent world health issues. Certain outreaches have been put in place to help communities stay with guidelines that will help curb the world pandemic.

NNI: What is your advice to fellow young individuals?
Surround yourself with beautiful people and your dreams are always valid.

NNI: What new heights are you scaling at the Ifedayo Foundation?
Guest: Yes! Many big plans. We're presently working on a partnership with 6 other NGOs in Lagos state in other to cover 4 communities within September to December.

NNI: That's beautiful. Thank you very much for your time ma.

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