Customer feedback guides and informs your decision making and influences your product roadmap. It’s also essential for measuring customer satisfaction among your current customers.

Getting an idea about on how customers view your product, support, and company is invaluable. So it is necessary that we look at the best ways you can gather insights from current and prospective customers who visit your site, page or space online or offline.

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1. Customer Surveys
Crafting a useful customer survey is no easy task. There are so many potential questions you could be asking customers, but you have to be careful in your approach.
Ask only questions that fulfill your end goal, construct smart and open-ended questions, ask one question at a time, make rating scales consistent, avoid leading questions.
Surveys can be created through google forms, type form or survey monkey.

2. Email and customer contact forms
Email is one of the most valuable ways to gather candid customer feedback.
However, you can improve the way customers reach out to you via email and maximize this channel’s effectiveness — all of these changes will create a better experience for customers, too.
Assuring customers of a speedy response, creating an organized customer feedback system, sending candid follow-up emails.

3. Social Media
There are various apps that could help in getting feedbacks. In fact, its the most comfortable platform to interact with customers.
Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter makes it more interactive and friendly.