Overtime, many brands and businesses come with bowed heads and make complaints of low returns on advertising and PR budgets. While this is not impossible, recent PR studies at the NELOC Media Academy have shown that it actually occurs in one out of hundred cases. This especially is because of the advent of new and popular media platforms. It leads on to confirm that for every exception to a successful PR and Advertising Strategy, something went wrong in the PR Strategy draw up.

What then should you do if your business, brand or company falls in this exception?

Firstly, re-organise your PR and Marketing Strategy. There should ordinarily be an order for company and brand marketing operations. This makes it easy to follow procedures and steps to maximize profit. Take for instance, a case, where boosting a post on social media and distribution of brand publicity items are two items included in the many strategies developed, it will only take a proper PR strategy plan and template to determine which of them should come before the other.

Secondly, measure your results and conversions. This is key to help you determine where future advertising and marketing budget will be pumped into. In cases where there is no measure for conversions, sales rates and targets met, it is very likely that future advertising budget will go down the drain.

While you have a great brand product and service, the absence of a PR and Marketing Template can hinder any great sales coming your way. Since one main aim of your business and brand is profit, you can consider drafting a PR and marketing plan using templates like this. You can also reach here for a PR plan template.