Yesterday, Monday, 10th February, members and representatives of the New Man Movement visited Oduduwa College, Ile-Ife to present cash prizes to Adeniran Adeleke, the overall winner of the 2019 writing contest.

According to an earlier release from the organisation, Adeleke emerged the overall best in the 2019 edition of the New Man Writing contest alongside Adewonuola Esther and Edechukwu Matthais.

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The New Man Writing Contest is a yearly writing contest to comb out the forest of literary virginity in students of secondary schools across Nigeria. in it's fifth year, the contest has received well over 5,000 entries since inception.

Addressing the students, the representatives of the organisation, Adewumi Josephine and Adedoyin Fisayo encouraged the students' participation in self-discovery and development initiatives such as the New Man Writing Contest.

The Principal and Vice Principal of the school, Mr Sanusi Ademola and Mrs Salami Omolola, while congratulating Adeniran Adeleke, thanked and commended the efforts of the organisation.

New Man Movement awards cash prizes to Adeniran Adeleke, Oduduwa College, Ile-Ife

In absentia, Nelson Vincent, President of the New Man Movement, expressed his satisfaction at the success of the writing contest. He stated that the 2020 Call for entries would be released soon. He also enjoined interested individuals to share the details of the writing contest and as well encourage young ones to write.