New Man Movement Opens Portal for 2020 Writing Contest Submissions

The New Man Movement via her website has officially opened for entries into the 2020 Edition of the Writing Contest.

The New Man Writing Contest is a yearly literary and creative writing contest organised by the New Man Movement, a Gospel  Youth Media organization with positive and vibrant minds that desire a change in society. In it's fifth year, it is targeted at the promotion of literary works by combing through the forest of literary virginity amongst secondary school students.
New Man Movement, Nelson Vincent, Writing Contests in 2020

According to the release, Entry for the Writing Contest is FREE. It is however ONLY open to ACTIVE students of secondary schools in Nigeria. There are also two Contest Categories:
a. Junior Secondary Category
b. Senior Secondary Category.

Submission Opens from the 1st of March, 2020 and runs through till 1st April, 2020.

While the General Theme for the Contest is ''Politics in Nigeria'', participants in the contest may choose to modify titles depending on the genre. However, titles must link to the central theme.

You can read more about the Writing Contest and its Submission Modalities here.

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