Ogele Timothy, Nelson Vincent and others sworn in as NAOSS executives

Yesterday, 11th of April marked the swearing in ceremony of new executives of The National Association of Ondo State Students, Obafemi Awolowo University Chapter. In an interview with the New Public Relations Officer, Vincent Nelson Ayomitunde, he commended the efforts of the electoral commission and the members of the association. He further recognized the presence of media men as a partial fulfilment of promises made during the campaign.

The swearing in was conducted by Ehinmosan Kolade, the chairman of the electoral commission with the president's inaugural address following.
In his address, the newly elected president stated that the administration has started on good note and infact organised FYB and end of the session party for the indigenes. With great thanks to people present, The President also beseeched people to participate in the administration as his campaign words contained  because that is the only way a better and greater Naoss can emerge.
The event ended with meat chops, stepped down with local palm wine and punche as substitutes for non-wine drinkers.

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