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[ARTICLE] Road side food.Yay or Nay?

A number of people who actually prefer buying food to cooking at home.

Not just buying food sha, but roadside food. Whether or not this is good is subject to personal decision. Even with this, there are still things we need to know.

Many say they can't buy roadside foods except its someone they really know who is selling it and others say its really embarrassing and it give a bad notion about them. They be like "What? What if my old classmate finds me there?".

In life, we're filled with the ability and opportunity likewise to make choices whether wrong or right.

A few people say its not hygenic at all but they also get criticisms on the surety of the canteen foods. We're not sure how hygienic they are.

Personally, I don't like it. I made up my mind when I approached one and she cleaned her nose with her hand wiped the 'whatever' from her nose and without washing her hand, sold the food!


I got exasperated that when I went to another and the lady almost did the same, I strictly told her to wash her hand before she sold it. She did, and I was fine.

Many times, we don't take note of these things.
 On the other hand, some others feel its affordable to the poor and even travelers.

On life issues, we have our views on so many things and this is of such.
What do you think?

  Abayomi Adunni Adeola

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