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Kerux Academic Initiative Hosts Over 130 Youths, Teenagers in 2024 Orientation for New Students

Kerux Academic Initiative Hosts Over 130 Youths, Teenagers in 2024 Orientation for New Students

Kerux Academic Initiative is a nonprofit mentorship organization committed to mentoring young adults academically and professionally in leadership, entrepreneurship and management. KAI believes education remains a timely, strategic and powerful weapon which we can use to change our world. This has driven the leadership of KAI to contribute maximally to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4) on Quality Education for all. 

Kerux Academic Initiative Hosts Over 130 Youths, Teenagers in 2024 Orientation for New Students

In the last three (3) years, KAI has mentored over 2000 young adults - many of whom are pursuing their educational dreams at prestigious universities within Nigeria while others are venturing into businesses with knowledge, skills and expertise from KAI. 

At the 2024 KAI Orientation Programme, the Dean of Students' Affairs at the Delta State College of Education Mosogar (Nigeria) spoke to the new cohort of KAI Mentees on: Secrets to Excelling in your Academic Career. This was a remarkable teaching from the College's Dean of Students' Affairs as he gave the young adults tested and proven principles for excelling in their studies. 

A U.S. Professional and friend of KAI also spoke virtually on Zoom, mentoring the teenagers on the place of hard work and absolute trust in God in excelling academically and spiritually. The Founder and Executive Director of KAI, Mr Godspower Oyubu is a Mandela Washington Fellow and Lecturer at Delta State College of Education Mosogar. Godspower was recently selected by the Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Body under the U.S. Department of State as one of the 300 young African Leaders to be part of the membership of the International Leadership Association (ILA) for 2024. The International Leadership Association is the professional home of a global community of leaders and leadership researchers, educators, and development specialists who believe that leadership is the key to a just and thriving future for all people. For 25 years, the ILA has advanced the study and practice of leadership by creating opportunities for members to connect and engage with one another to explore innovative ideas, create new resources, and multiply our collective impact. During his keynote address at the Orientation Programme, Mr Godspower reiterated on the visions and mission of KAI and the significance of collaboration as a tool to achieving these visions. He encouraged new Mentees to be passionate and inquisitive. He described KAI as a citadel of transformational leadership and holistic mentorship. He made it clear that everyone has a place in KAI irrespective of backgrounds, tribes or religious beliefs. KAI is committed to building a more peaceful, inclusive and equitable world for generations to come! Godspower believes everyone has a role to place in birthing the Nation and Continent of our dream! "We can achieve great things together! We can be successful without getting involved in cyber crimes he said." Godspower concluded his address by reminding the teenagers of the educational and leadership Seminar planned for the month of April 2024. This will attract over 500 young adults from within Nigeria and also feature thought leaders within Nigeria, the U.S and the U.K who are friends of KAI. He encouraged everyone to start making preparations towards the upcoming events. 

KAI Operation Get Back To School Project 

According to UNICEF (2023), Nigeria accounts for 15% of out-of-school children worldwide. Goal four (4) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focuses on inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting life-long learning opportunities for all. However, in low and middle-income countries, like Nigeria, many children do not have access to quality education.

In Mosogar community, 9 of every 10 teenage boys are into cyber crime, 7 of such are into hard drugs and over 60% of young adults are out of school.

Education must fully assume its central role in giving all children the tools to develop to their full potential, so they become productive adults ready to give back to their communities and break the cycle of poverty through upward socioeconomic mobility.

To curb the challenges confronting students and other young adults in my home community and help them return to school, KAI carried out a project tagged "Operation Get Back To School" targeted at helping 200 youths and teenagers within Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State (Nigeria) from humble backgrounds return to College. The project involved providing free JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) registration fee for the students and helping to pay for tuition fee for those with outstanding performance after the Jamb examination.

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