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How to start a Football Academy in Nigeria



A Football Academy in any part of the world is a place where young footballers go to know the requirement to register for that football academy, learn the proper techniques with several tips and tricks to prepare them for a professional career in the sport.

Most young people enrol into a Football Academy for one particular reason, which is to learn how to become world-class professional footballers. So, it is really vital to ensure that in setting up, your academy will be able to fulfil this fundamental purpose.

The football lovers are always willing to learn more, be it online or offline. Young footballers can even enrol online and also be able to open an account on Bet9ja to know more about football and learn something new beyond academic learning.

An Academy does not mean that it is a football club where more emphasis will be placed on winning trophies and attracting fans as well as sponsors. A football academy is more like a school, where youngsters learn, develop and hone their footballing skills.

Like every other institution of learning, there must be a minimum standard which every academy should meet for approval and accreditation.
The basic requirements to register your name in Football Academy of Nigeria

Presently, not so much is being checked, but if you really want your academy to be world-class, you have to put in place qualified personnel, equipment, world-class training method and facilities.

However, it is not just employing qualified coach from any sports institute of Nigeria or ex-players; they need to be developmental coaches mainly who are trained to groom the young football players.

What is required as well, is a well-levelled grass pitch for the training sessions, branded bibs, balls, swipes, cones and dummies for the right practice. Even Magnetic Board coloured clock for indoor classes is also required.
How to Register in a Football Academy of Nigeria

You don’t need to go to the Nigeria Football Federation office to enrol your academy. You can register it through State Football Association.

All your need to do is to obtain the registration form and pay the fees. You can make a one-time payment or as yearly dues as academies do not yet pay institutional tax in Nigeria.
Why you need to register Your Football Academy

It is illegal to operate a football academy in Nigeria without registration. Even nobody wants to enrol themselves in a sub-standard and unregistered clubs which just go by the name of the academy. An unregistered academy will not have the legal right to claim your players.

So, you can easily run a profitable football academy in Nigeria if you register your academy legally.


how to start a football club

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