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Everything You Need to Know About NYSC Redeployment and PPA Reposting

Everything You Need to Know About NYSC Redeployment and PPA Reposting
After a successful twenty one days camp training experience

Relocation and PPA to help and guide you.

Let's start from PPA.

You are likely to be given your PPA by hand not necessarily on your portal. Some will feel Sad while some will rejoice( don't rejoice yet till you are  accepted, some will still be rejected).

As soon as you leave camp, you are expected to report to your PPA for either acceptance or rejection. It's better to report to your PPA first to know your fate rather than traveling.(essp most posted to ministry, private firm etc. It might be too late when you comes back, might replace or reject you).

If you are accepted in your PPA, you simply need to head straight to your LG area for documentation or you might come back to do that. On the other hand, if you are rejected, simply inform your LGI(local government inspector) about it, he or she will assigned you to another PPA . Don't gives yourself stress you can come back after your holiday.

Don't fall SCAM of changing of PPA, I know you might not like your PPA, better still talk to your LGI or contact a sure plug you know( U can Contact us the admins)


If you applied for relocation via a valid medical report or any other legitimate reason and you are given *PPA letter in camp*, just know that it's *likely* your relocation didn't work out. (not all situation). Every successful relocation will be displayed on your dashboard. After you login, you click on relocation icon then it's appears, you will have to make payment  of #1000 before you can access the state you are relocated to.

At this point, it is important to mention that every corp member must be careful of who you share your login details with to help you check, there will be traffic on the site though.

📌All relocations will be uploaded at same time.
📌If you relocation worked out, don't ignore it till when you get home you will print it. Instead, pay up and  download the pdf on your phone instantly.( You might wake up the following morning and not see relocation letter again🤣🤣, probably cancelled or some glitch).

📌 If your relocation didn't worked out or still wish to relocate you can contact .*Out camp relocation is available* fast approval

📌These are moment scammers take advantage of corpers since their relocation didn't worked out. you will see some fake screenshot, testimony etc.

Be guilded. Once again we congratulate you all for the success of the training. We wish you all journey mercy to your destinations.

For those that redeployed, the NYSC state secretariat in your relocated state is where you will take your redeployment approval letter to. Have posted the address of all states secretariat earlier. You don't need to wait for any text or email, visit the NYSC state secretariat and begin your redeployment clearances from on Tuesday. You can't enter the secretariat gate without been on NYSC KIT. You can be on full 7/7 Or You can be on 6/7 You can where white sneakers or jungle boot You can wear crested shirt or plain white. Your first day is to just submit your approval letter, the one you printed showing approval successful. Once submitted they will give you a date to come back, b4 that day, your state code would have changed to your redeployed state's state code. After submitting the approval letter, if you are lucky your state code will change after 1 or 2 days, if not it will be the 3,4,5, or 6th day, the maximum day for state code to change is 7days after submission of approval letter. You will return to the secretariat after your state code changes. This is when registration starts proper. You will be given a white file, inside you will see a biodata form, fill it, ur olevel grades will be needed. You will put your green card, call up letter etc. Before submitting the file back, you must have gone to write your name in the book of life Drop your account number at the account session Snap passport with crested shirt. After these you can submit the file, a day after submission you will posted to your PPA. But if your have a company that you know they usually collect and pay corpers, go there and collect request letter, *don't submit the file without putting request letter (this is for those who want to dictate their PPA)* because once you submit dey will post you anywhere. If the required documents to be affixed inside the file isn't complete, you can take the file home and bring it back whenever you are ready. It's possible to finish all the file filling and registrations in a day if you are smart, but it's exhausting, the crowd is always mad. So for all your relocation clearances, just budget 1week that's if you are lucky or you know ur way 💵 cud be 2 days, but if not you might use 2weeks on clearance. *Note* that the procedures of doing clearance are slightly different across the states. Some state, you are not going and coming back to the state secretariat, you will do all at once and go home. Keep checking your dashboard, Within a week, your state code will change and PPA letter will appear on your dashboard. Also the documents needed at the secretariat sometimes are slightly different too, to be on a safer side, go with all the documents you went to camp with ➕ the relocation approval letter you printed from your dashboard. 


Educate others by Sharing to all NYSC platforms, 🎓Educational groups, and 📡Informative groups. 🕵️‍♂️* 

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