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Reasons Why PCMs are not Registered at NYSC Orientation Camp

Upon arrival at the NYSC Orientation Camps across Nigeria, Prospective Corp Members will not be registered in camp if there is disparity in the following;

1. The name on the Statement of Result and that of the dashboard.

If the name on your certificate is correct, but dashboard is wrong, use the link on your dashboard to apply for name correction. However, if the name on your certificate is wrong, contact your school. 
If both certificate and dashboard is wrong, apply for correction on your dashboard and also visit your school. 
2 names on the dashboard and 3 names on certificate is wrong, abbreviation on either dashboard or certificate is also wrong. 
Do the needful. 

❌ The date of graduation on the Statement of Result and that of the dashboard.

✅ Contact your Student Affairs Officer (SAO) for your date of graduation.

❌ The passport on your dashboard is not yours. 

✅ Because of the crowd that want to get registered at the cafe, the caféman usually mix details up. To correct wrong passport uploaded, visit the ICT center at the NYSC state secretariat. 

❌ Wrongly uploaded Thumb 👍 Print 

✅ At the orientation camp, you will be generated a state code, which is your NYSC identity number. The state code legitimately makes you a bonafide corp member of a particular state. 
You will get the state code immediately your thumb is verified at the camp.
If you were wrongly thumb printed while registering at the cafe, the biometric scanner at the camp won't capture and generate a state code for you. 
So if you know it was wrongly done at the cafe level, visit the NYSC state secretariat now for recapturing. 

3. No Medical Fitness Report

Your fitness medical report is as important as your school certificate at the camp. Some camp will ask for it at the camp gate before entry. 
No matter who you are or who you know, you can never be registered without the fitness medical report. 
It's a must have for *ALL* PCMs. 
The signature on the report must also not be scanned. 
If you have not gotten yours, chat me up now. 

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