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How to Print NYSC CALL-UP Letter in 2023

Your Call up Letter will begin to drop two to three days before your resumption date at the NYSC Orientation Camps.

Before I show you how to print call up letter, kindly note that, the moment NYSC uploads the call up letter on the portal, the NYSC site will begin to irritatedly process data at a very very slow rate. To login to your dashboard will take a longer time, some won't be able to login to see their deployed state. 

This is so because of the number of people logging in at the same time, thereby causing traffic on the NYSC portal. 

So my advice is, you have to be patient by then, you can wait for 3 hours after  call up letter is released to check. 

Checking quick does not change anything, some check after a day. 

So am giving you this tip in advance, don't start bringing pressure on the group or my DM for not been able to check.  

_Now back to our discussion_ 👇 

The NYSC call-up letter is a piece of documents that will contain every information about the state you will serve and the address of the orientation camp.

After the NYSC registration, the next breaking news will be the printing of NYSC call-up letter and a smart prospective Corps members will ask about printing NYSC call-up letter.

Since you are here to learn how to print your letter, let me just show you the steps below.

📍 *Things You Need*

If you want to print your NYSC call-up letter you will need the following things:

*Your email*
*Your Password*

Those are the two things you need. Now let me show you the steps to print your NYSC call up letter.

📍 *How To Print NYSC Call-Up Letter*

To print your NYSC call-up letter is very easy and you are going to do it from your NYSC dashboard. Below are the steps to print your NYSC Call-up letter.

✔️ Go to NYSC portal at

✔️ Login with your registered email and password.

✔️ Click on *'Print Call Up Letter'* link to access and print your call-up letter.
This link will be found at the bottom of your dashboard under *Print Slip* where you got ur green card. 

Once it opened, click open and download it in PDF, it will open once download is completed, open and see your deployment state, after you can then proceed to print out in coloured at the cafe. 

*You can access the portal with a Chrome Browser or Firefox Browser*

*Kindly SHARE ♻️ with your colleagues*

*After seeing your call up letter and you're yet to get your medical fitness certificate, chat me up for your genuine and authentic medical fitness certificate for camp registration, compulsory for all PCM's, acceptable in all 37 orientation camps*#2000

*If you're posted to any state you don't like chat me up for medical report for relocation on health ground in camp*#2000

*ADMIN 08070526643

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