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Complete List of Documents Required for NYSC Camp Registration in 2023

Complete List of Documents Required for NYSC Camp Registration in 2023
The NYSC Camp period. It is essential that you cross-check these documents especially while you wait for your call-up letters to ensure that you don't forget anything. While cross-checking your items for camp, never assume that something is right. Always cross-check to be double sure that everything you need is intact and that includes your documents. Remember that you can buy anything else in camp but you can never buy your documents. Canonisbnot a place where you can say that you forgot something and want to go back to pick it up especially if you're posted to far away parts of the country. 


That said, here is a list of the important documents you'd need for NYSC Camp in 2023.

1.. STATEMENT OF RESULTS/CERTIFICATES* ( Original + 3 photocopies )
Popularly referred to as SOR, your official Statement of Results must be presented for registration at the NYSC alongside at least, 3 (or more) photocopies of the SOR. Usually, the Statement of Results is a substitute for your certificates

*👉GREEN CARD* ( Original + 3 photocopies )

*👉CALL UP LETTER* ( Original + 3 photocopies )

( Original + 3 photocopies ).

5. School I.D Cards or PHOTOCARD*  

It is important that you take along your school ID card in its original form as well as at least 3 (or more) photocopies.In the case that you have misplaced your institution's Identity card, you would need to request a photo card from your school which also works as an ID card.



*👉MEDICAL REPORT FOR REDEPLOYMENT* ( Original + 3 photocopies ).

Missing out any of these documents

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