The Right of Persons with Disabilities in Nigeria by Omodele Sunkanmi

Persons with Disability have the same rights as other people to take their proper place in society. They should be able to live freely and as independently as possible. This must be the concern of everyone the family, community and all government and non-government organizations. 

According to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the following are analysis of some Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

1. Equality and Non-Discrimination

Everyone is equal before and under the law. Everyone is entitled to the equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination.

2. Women with Disabilities

Women and girls with disabilities experience multiple discrimination. Countries must take all appropriate measures to ensure that women with disabilities are able to fully enjoy their rights and freedoms.

3. Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities have the same human rights as all other children. The best interests of the child must be a primary consideration in all actions concerning children with disabilities. Children with disabilities have the right to express their views on all matters affecting them.

4. Accessibility                      

People with disabilities have the right to access all aspects of society on an equal basis with others including the physical environment, transportation, information and communications, and other facilities and services provided to the public.

5. Education

People with disabilities have a right to education without discrimination. Countries must ensure that people with disabilities can access an inclusive, quality and free primary and secondary education in their own community. 

6. Work and Employment

People with disabilities have the right to work, including the right to work in an environment that is open, inclusive and accessible. Countries must take appropriate steps to promote employment opportunities and career advancement for people with disabilities.

Our correspondence have a chat with Mr Busari Lateef, the General Secretary of Ondo State Association of Deaf on the Right of of Person with Disability.

Mr Busari Lateef has this to say, " some of the right of Person with are Disability are : right to life, right to be employment, right of freedom, right to accessibility, right to inclusion in government.

He further emphasize that " It's not every right the Person with Disability was given, sometime Person with Disability are being denied.He speak further on what the Government, NGO and all are doing to make sure the right of person with disability are not being tampered with. 

In his word, "based on Ondo state, the State government are always inclusive.  They provide  employment, appointment of political official of PWD and inclusion in every programme.

In conclusion, Mr Busari Lateef advice the government to make sure the right of Person living with disability is not tampered with.