Have you ever thought to yourself: "I'd rather be dead than disabled?" It's a usually reflection to most of us. Disability, in everyday thought, is associated with unhappiness, failure, with dependency and with not being able to do things. We feel sorry for disabled people, because we imagine it must be miserable to be disabled.

But in fact we're wrong. It's sometimes called the "disability paradox". Surveys reveal people with disabilities consistently report a happy life, or sometimes even better than, that of non-disabled people.

Below are 5 Ways to put Smiles on the faces of Persons with Disabilities

1. Helping to be Independent

Doing things on their own can make them immensely happy. Relying on others may be unavoidable, but becoming too dependent, even letting yourself become a wee bit lazy and let others do things for you that you can, can siphon away your happiness very quick. Most time, we should allow Person with Disability to do everything a from start to end without rushing to help, unless incase of emergencies.

2. Helping to Embrace their Individuality

Being disabled can be stressful, even downright embarrassing to always be the odd one out. “Fitting in,” after all, is a base human need. We must make Person with Disability look at their uniqueness differently, and to love every bit of it , doing that can make Person with Disability blissfully happy.

I'm disabled and I love that I’m not everyone else because it makes me more unique in my own way. Life is too short; to be like everyone else and doing the same old thing. Disability can definitely make life harder, but it can also make you a unique survivor worth noticing.

3. Making friends with Persons with Disability

We all need people in our lives we can relate to, someone who really knows our daily struggles because they understand and care. Being able to vent with someone who really knows your struggles is better than any therapist session by far. According to psychiatrists, visiting a person with a disability might look like the least effort. However, it plays a significant role in their mental and social well-being as it makes them feel appreciated. People living with any form of disability are also human beings and have feelings too. Most of them get stigmatized. So, whenever you are free can spend time with persons with a disability. That is enough reason to make them happier.

4. Affordable health care services for Persons with Disability

Creating a rehabilitation and health center with affordable and inclusive health care services requires a lot of support, not only financially. Rehabilitation centers are very instrumental in helping persons living with disabilities. Many times, they face negation from their own families. Their family members tend to feel ashamed and hide them from society, and that is unacceptable. Our brothers and sisters end up being locked indoors under very harsh conditions, especially persons who come from humble backgrounds. When rehabilitation and health centers started being established, it became like safe heaven. Health care and therapy became accessible. Those who needed wheelchairs got them, and life became better. With that, it will leave many people with disability happier.


5. Elect Them to Various Political and Government Seats

This is the most meaningful way to make persons with disabilities happy. It is termed as `being inclusive.` People with disabilities need to be represented by leaders who can truly relate to the challenges they face and articulate their grievances. The leaders can also push for reforms that favor persons with disabilities and amend policies that make them look left out. So next time there is an election held, take that responsibility of voting for a person living with a disability and let us give them a voice and power.

Haven listed some point to make Persons with disability happier, our appraisal of life with impairment may have less to do with reality than with fear and ignorance and prejudice. We wrongly assume that difficulties for people result in misery for people.