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Biography of Hank Anuku

Full Biography of Hank Anuku
Hank Anuku is an Igbo man from Ịka, present day Delta State. Born in Ibadan Oyo State on 27th August 1960.

Full Biography of Hank Anuku

He attended Loyola College, Ibadan after which he proceeded to the Auchi Polytechnic where he graduated from Mass Communication in 1981.

He lived in America for many years before relocating to Nigeria where he joined Nollywood.

The first movie that brought him to limelight was "The Senator". 

He usually acts criminal roles or villain. Hank Anuku has lived in England and Italy. Currently, he lives in Ghana and act Ghana movies. He's both a Nigerian and Ghanaian actor. 

Movies by Hank Anuku

Hank Anuku was famous in the movie industry in the late 90s and early 2000s. Some of his movies include:

1. The skeleton
2. The Senator 1 and 2
3. Broad Daylight 
4. Bitter Honey 
5. The Captor 
6. Men on Hard Way 
7. Fools on the Run
8. Desperate Ambition
9. My Love
10. Wanted Alive
11. Rambo
12. Azubuike
13. Mistaken Identity,
14. King of the Jungle
15. Formidable force

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