Biography of Michael Sanni Amanesi (MCLively)

Michael Sanni Amanesi, better known by his stage name Mc Lively, was born in Ondo State on August 14, 1992, into a family of seven that included his parents and five siblings. Mc Lively was born in Agenebode, Edo State, and raised in Ile-Ife, Osun State. After finishing his elementary schooling at Ideal Nursery and Primary School, he went on to Moremi High School to complete his secondary education. He continued on to Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun state, where he studied law and was admitted to the Nigerian Bar in 2016, earning his Bachelor of Science degree there as well. In 2013, he became the Master of Ceremony (Mc), and by 2015, he had developed into a comic. In his humor, he also goes by the name Barrister Mike.
Michael Sanni Amanesi (MCLively)

One of Nigeria's most popular and skilled comics, the Nigerian comedian is making waves in the business. With his comedic sketches, he has been able to establish a niche for himself in the entertainment business. He earned a degree in law from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2015, spent a year in law school, and was admitted to the bar in 2016. With the help of comedians like Gbenga Adeyinka, Ali Baba, Basketmouth, Tee A, Omo Baba, Okey Bakasi, Klint da Drunk, AY, Julius Agwu, Bovi, and others, Mc Lively has thus far been able to pursue his love.

Mc Lively's background as a lawyer helped him become a dynamic comedian. As a child, he liked to watch Night of a Thousand Laughs albums. He is well-known. He is renowned for using humour to discuss the problems in Nigeria. He gained notoriety as a result of the Agidi film, which highlighted the nation's fuel shortage. When his reverend father delivered a sermon at church, he had the inspiration. Along with his brother, he recorded the script and carried out the shooting. His obstinacy gave rise to the name Agidi. When he first began his career in humor as a stand-up comedian, Mc Lively experienced his fair share of disappointment. His endeavor to become a stand-up comic was a complete disaster. The failure was so severe that he even told a joke in front of the crowd, and not even his girlfriend laughed. Mc Lively said he was unable to sleep that night, but in reality, this occurred four times in the higher institution.

This setback helped him realize his talent for comic acting. Prior to getting into comedy in 2015, he began as an MC in 2013. His buddies are not shocked that he become a comic because he demonstrated his comedic tendencies while he was in the higher institution. Mc Lively is a budding Instagram star already. He has received numerous honors for his comedic video in the entertainment sector. At the City People music awards, he was named the Comedy Act of the Year.

Remember that Mc Lively is an actor as well as a comedian. He has appeared in many films and received numerous honors. Here is a list of the movies:

  • Lagos Real Fake Life - 2018
  • Breaded Life - 2021
  • The Razz Guy (2021)
  • Fate of Alakada - 2020
  • Introducing the Kujus - 2020
  • Seven and Half Date 2018
  • Dear Affy - 2020

MC Lively is active on social media. You can connect with him by subscribing to his official YouTube channel and follow him via his handles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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