NELOC News: Can we meet you?

Guest: My name is Akinjobi Oluwagbemisola, an unashamed Christian.

NELOC News: With the extra feather to your cap, how did you feel when you were announced as a category winner in The New Man Gospel Writing Contest, 2022?

Guest: At the time of the result announcement, I felt a sense of nervousness but on seeing the results, I could say I was a little surprised because I was expecting to do well but not to the extent of winning and the earlier nervousness was due to "what ifs".

NELOC News: What are your writing aspirations for the future?

Guest: My writing aspirations for the future is to appear on the biggest print networks in Nigeria and all other parts of the world as a multi-award winning writer.

NELOC News: What other things do you do apart from writing.
Guest: Apart from writing, I school and do a bit of graphics design.

NELOC News: As regards your dreams and aspirations, what is/are your greatest fear(s)?
Guest: I do not think I'm fearful of anything regarding my future aspirations.

NELOC News: What and Who inspires your writing?
Guest: My family and my God inspires me to write. I want to make known just how good God is and I want to solve some problems of mankind through our own experiences.

NELOC News: When did you start writing? Can you give us a background story?
Guest: I started writing in April 2021. I was at church and my Pastor was preaching about "Stepping out with the gospel" and somehow, I felt the way for me to step out was by writing. I began to look out for openings for writers and I came across the New Man application. So, I applied and the journey started.

NELOC News: What would you love to say to encourage other writers?
Guest: To other writers out there, I'll like to tell you to remain tenacious with what you do because someday, there will be a great reward and an expected end of success.

NELOC News: What do you think about the New Man Gospel Writing Contest? What new things do you hope to see in subsequent editions?
Guest: The New Man writing contest is what the body of Christ needs at this time and I'm thankful for the organisation. For subsequent editions, I wish to see more winners recognised per category as this creates an avenue for more creatives to be rewarded.