Born on the 22nd of July, Emmanuella Samuel is a young and talented comedian born into the family of Mr and Mrs James Samuel.

An Igbo indigene, Emmanuella hails from Imo State but lives with her parents in Porthacourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. She's a YouTuber and she has millions of followers/fans.

 Emmanuel even though she's a comedian, she's academically sound. She's done with primary school and she's currently a secondary school student. How this little girl is able to do well both in academics and her profession (Comedy) is amazing.

Emmanuella started comedy at a very  young age. She derive Joy in seeing people laugh, staying with her has always been fun. Her journey into the profession and of course fame started when Mark angel as at that time. Her first video shoot with Mark Angel was very lengthy, yet she came through. This among other special qualities made Mark Angel to invest more in her. Ever since her involvement in the industry, she has not stopped being and doing great.

Her first video "this not my real face o "with Mark Angel went viral on social media, this brought her to the limelight.

She has met with top entertainment stars in Nigeria. She's available on all social media platforms (YoutYou, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) with lots of followers/fans. Shiwas the first Nigerian child to be recognized by Disney film.

Emmanuella is a recipient of many awards. In 2016, Afro-Austrailia Movie Awards honored her as the Best New Comedian and Princess of Comedy. In the same year, CNN took her as their guest of the day in a program where she was interviewed and she gave answers.

 Emmanuella has created a good name as well as a good reputation for herself and of course his family too. Not too long ago, she bought a house for her parents. Emmanuella in a recent report, has a Net-worth of over$150,000. According to her, she wants to go in fashion and makeup very soon.