It is said that what we consume has a very great  impact on our health. Most people consume whatever they see, not even considering the nutritional factor, health benefits and risk of the food they consume, in as much as it makes them feel full. However, it is important for one to know the health risk and benefits of the food he/she consumes because some can lead to increase to some certain kinds of diseases while others can lead to decrease in some certain kinds of diseases. 

In this article, you'll learn to know 5 important foods to take in order to reduce your risk of cancer. But before that, I'd like to tell us what cancer mean. 
Cancer is a broad term  that contains large group of diseases. It happens when  cells grow abnormally in any organ or tissue  of the body. The name given to each kind of cancer is gotten from the tissue that got affected by the abnormal cell. Some of which include; breast cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, cancers of the digestive and upper respiratory tract etc.
Cancer is a very deadly disease and infact,it  is the second leading cause of death globally.

Below are 5 Recommended Foods that Reduces Your Risk of Cancer

1. Plant based foods

These are foods primarily from plants. They include; crusiferous vegetables(brocolli, cauliflower and cabbage), fruits, nuts,olive oil etc. They contain phytonutrients which helps to reduce the risk of some certain kind of  cancer which  include head and neck cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer.

2. Vitamins and minerals 

Foods of this category include; green leafy vegetables, fish, citrus fruits and juices etc. Consumption of these foods will help in the reduction of some cancers such as; breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, cancers of the digestive and upper respiratory tract. 

3. Fiber rich foods

Foods rich in fiber helps to reduce the risk of Colorectal cancer. They include pulses and legumes, whole wheat, wheat grain  bread and pasta, local rice, flaxseed etc

4. Carotenoids

These are plant pigment that are responsible for the orange,yellow and red color  in plants, vegetables and fruits. They include; tomato, pawpaw, watermelon,pepper and most foods with a red color. Consumption of these foods lead to  decrease in  the risk of prostate cancer.  

5.  Antioxidants 

These are compounds that inhibit oxidation. They help to destroy any form of abnormality in the oragn,tissue ,cells and other part of the body. Antioxidants are very effective because they are naturally produced in the body  to fight against free radicals that promote oxidative stress. Oxidative stress increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and many other chronic diseases. Hence,it is recommended to take foods that are rich in antioxidants,they include; berries(goji berries, strawberry, raspberry etc),green tea,fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate etc. 

But however,it is important to note that too much intake of these foods may lead to increase in other kinds of diseases.  And a rich diet meal paired with a healthy lifestyle will yield a better health.