Full Biography of Richard Mofe Damijo

Richard Eyimofe Evans Damijo, popularly known as RMD, is a Nigerian actor, writer, producer, lawyer and former journalist. He was born on 6th July, 1961 in Aladja community of Udu Kingdom, Delta state. He attended Midwest college, Warri, and Anglican Grammar school and was a member of the Drama club, where he ignited his passion for acting. He further moved to the University of Benin, where he studied Theatre Arts and graduated in 1983. Later on, he attended the University of Lagos where he studied Law, graduated in 2004, and was called to the Nigerian bar in 2005.

After graduating from the University, RMD took part in the soap opera Ripples, but gained more popularity when he took the role of villain Segun Kadiri in the soap opera Checkmate. He also had a short spell before then, with Concord Newspapers, Metro Magazine and Quality, as a writer. In his 30s, he published and sold Nigeria’s first all-gloss magazine for men, titled Mister. He also wrote and produced his first film, Out of Bounds which made him receive a writer/producer credit. 

Richard Mofe Damijo also had a stint in politics when he got appointed as the Special Adviser of Culture and Tourism to the former Governor of Delta State (2007-2015), in 2008. He later became the commissioner for Culture and Tourism of Delta State in 2009. His tenure officially ended in 2015.

Eyimofe Damijo was married to journalist/publisher and talk show host, May Ellen ‘MEE’ Ezekiel before her death in 1996. He later remarried TV Personality, Jumobi Adegbesan, who later left TV presenting for the corporate world. RMD has five children; two with his current wife and three from his previous marriage.

RMD is a recipient of various awards and some of them are: Best Actor in a Leading Role, Africa Movie Academy Awards, 2005; Special Recognition Award, Best of Nollywood Awards (BON), 2012; Lifetime Achievement Award, Africa Movie Academy Awards, 2016; Overall Best Actor in a Leading role (Cross Road), Africa Movie Academy Awards, 2018. He was also recently nominated for the Most Popular Actor at the Net Honours, 2021.

The multi-talented actor is the founder of the RMD production; an umbrella for the RMDtvng and RMDtheactor which produces creative content, broadcasting, television and radio productions, etc. It is the producer of the popular sitcom – Mr. X family.

He also founded White Water Limited and RMD Foundation, with the former being a Nigerian PR outfit that deals with public relations consultancy and the latter being a platform for mentoring people identified for greatness. This stemmed out of his love for charity.

Mofe Damijo is a well-known actor and has starred in more than sixty movies, with some of them being the ones he produced or directed. Below are some notable movies which he has starred in:

  • Out of Bounds, 1997
  • Hostages, 1997
  • Scores to settle, 1998
  • Diamond ring, 1998
  • Freedom. 1999
  • The price, 1999
  • When God says yes, 1999
  • The richest man, 1999
  • The return, 1999
  • The intruder, 1999
  • Soul provider, 1999
  • Private sin, 2003
  • Passions, 2003
  • Love, 2003
  • I will die for you, 2003
  • Emotional pain, 2003
  • The mayors, 2004
  • True Romance (2004)
  • The legend, 2004
  • I want your wife, 2004
  • Indecent act, 2004
  • Critical decision, 2004
  • Engagement night, 2004
  • Burning desire, 2004
  • Critical assignment, 2004
  • Darkest night, 2005
  • Behind closed doors, 2005
  • The bridesmaid, 2005
  • Welcome to Nollywood, 2007
  • 30 Days in Atlanta, 2014
  • Oloibiri, 2015
  • Okafor’s law, 2016
  • Three wise men, 2016
  • The wedding party, 2016
  • Dinner, 2016
  • The grudge, 2016
  • I love my wife even after death, 2017
  • 10 days in the sun city, 2017
  • The wedding party 2, 2017
  • My God never fail me, 2018
  • Merry men: the real Yoruba demons, 2018
  • Cross roads, 2018
  • God calling, 2018
  • Chief Daddy, 2018
  • Blood and Oil, 2019
  • The Hour, 2019
  • Castle and Castle, 2019-2021
  • Fine wine, 2019
  • Love is war, 2019
  • King of Boys: The Return of the King, 2021

Richard Mofe Damijo is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.