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Biography of Muyiwa Ademola - NELOC News

Born on 26th January 1971, Muyiwa Ademola is a  talented Nollywood star. Commonly known as Authentic, he was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ademola Isaiah, he has siblings as well but they're not known by the public. He was born and raised in the Southwestern part of the country (Nigeria). He's a Nigerian and  hails from Ogun State.
Muyiwa Ademola gained his elementary education (both primary and secondary education) here in Nigeria, Southwest to be precise . After which he chose to further his education, by acquiring a B.Ed in Adult Education at the University of Ibadan(Oyo State).
Ademola Muyiwa  had always wanted to show his talent via acting. His dream of becoming a successful actor came to pass via a generous Ogun State indigiene  called Charles Olumo (commonly called Agbako) who is a gigantic and influential person in the industry. Agbako brought him to the limelight in the Nollywood industry. This beautiful journey of being an amazing actor began since 31years ago. Charles Ulumo didn't just stop at bringing Muyiwa Ademola to the Movie industry, he went further to connecting him (Ademola Muyiwa) to top people in the industry (Nollywood)People such as Ola.
In recent times, he has also gained awards for himself. Among the several Awards he has won so far are;
Most Outstanding Actor by Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2008.
Authentic (commonly called) is married to a beautiful Yoruba woman called Omalare Ademola. Although, there's rumor of the actor of  been engaged to a lady (who has twin boys for him according to hearsay) before he getting  married  to Omalare. He is blessed with five (5) children. His family doesn't reside in Nigeria.

Muyiwa Ademola is a true definition of a successful man with an approximate net-worth of over $300,000. Aside acting the Nollywood Industry has helped sculptured him into other better areas in the industry, such as being a movie producer and director respectively. He has been greatly  involved in several Nollywood movies, particularly Yoruba movies. Most popular movies he has featured are:
  1. Asise (1995)
  2. Gbarada (2019)
  3. Ori (2004)

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