Born on 28th February 1985. Ugochuckwu Eric Nwenweh, well known and called Ken Erics, is a 37years old  Nigerian actor, music artist and TV presenter that acts or mainly  work in Nollwood. Though he was born  in the nothern part of the country (Nigeria). He hails from the Eastern part of  Nigeria. He's among other siblings his parents have. According to some reports, Ken Eric grew up in a very godly home, hence he's a Christian.


The talented actor, had his primary school education in kano, Nigeria. Due to some reasons best known to him, Ken Eric got  his secondary School education in the East (Anambra State). Based on his burning passion for acting, he further bagged a  first degree in theatre act at the Prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He didn't just stop there, he moved further to getting a Master Degree in the same field ( tjit happened not quite long).


Ken Eric has since started acting since he was a child. He joined several drama groups back then in the University. This helped to reshaping him into a better actor. This continued  till he  left the University. Ken Erics in the year 2001, featured in the movie "Holy Prostitute" That was his first movie.


After gaining so much knowledge in his field (career). He joined the Nollwood industry where he started acting fully. Like most beginners starting a career, he wasn't popular then .The movie "The illiterate" was his first role he played in a Nollywood movie, that was about 10years ago. This single opportunity exposed him to many juicy opportunities and of course popularity too. Ever since, the talented actor has been super active in the industry (Nollywood) and has starred in several Nigerian movies. He has also worked with top stars in the Industry, such as Ton to Dikeh, Mercy Johnson etc.

Aside acting, Ken Erics also do music. One of his biggest achievements in recent times is having his own music band.

Ken Erics has been honored with several Awards;  This a little way of appreciating his efforts in the industry. Few are mentioned below:

1. Best lead actor in 2014 at Afrifimo Awards (USA).

2. Best Supporting actor at City People Entertainment Awards in the you 2014.

3. Best Actor at City People Entertainment Awards in the year 2015.

These includes many other awards and norminations he has been honored with.

Ken Erics is a successful man. He has assets, connections etc. He's active on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram etc, with lots of followers and fans. As at March 2022, his Net-worth is over $500,000.

Ken Erics is currently unmarried and yet to become a father too. However, he was formerly married to Onyi Adada (in 2017). Unfortunately, things fell apart and their marriage went down due to misunderstanding between the two lovers.