Biography of Enorense Victor (Kiruku)

Biography of Enorense Victor (Kiruku)


Born on the 17th of December, 2014, Enorense Victor is a fast rising and young Nollywood actor, brand influencer and online child comedian who is popularly known as Kiriku. He hails from Edo State, Nigeria and was born to the family of Mr and Mrs. Enorense  from a mix of Bini and Urhobo tribes in Benin city, Edo State



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He is a Nigerian-born child comedian best known for his comedic parts in his comedy with his brother De UmbrellaBoy, which has millions of weekly views on Facebook and Instagram.

Creative comedian Kiriku Enorense Victory obtain a primary school education and certificate in his hometown before venturing into skit making.

Kiriku Career
Following the huge success of Emmanuella of Mark Angel Comedy, child actor-comedian started to become a big thing in Nigeria. Kiriku started acting alongside other online comedians in Nigeria and his boldness made him stand out in no time and became a household name in the comedy industry.

He has featured Nigerian actress Chizzy Alichi in a comedy titled "Problem no dey finish" in December 2021.

He is a blend of the Bini and Orobo tribe in Delta State. A Nigerian comic actor whose comedy skits portrays the street lifestyle and many other crazy manuscripts which usually triggers his audience to laugh.

Kiriku Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Real Name, State, Tribe, Comedy, Girlfriend, Parents, Car
Just like popular top then-kid entertainers Emmanuella and the Delta socialite Success, the now-popular Kiriku began his career in comedy when was four years old. His dream was to become a comedian. Kiriku has performed dramas in several comic shows and events despite being a kid. He proves he's a super gifted actor and at the early beginning, he took part in street acting competitions which is usually staged to test the youngsters' ability. Kiriku who is presently a celebrity had to persuade his parents to allow him go fully into the Nigerian Comedy industry after being selected and he was Successful.

He has acted alongside numerous top online comedians like Sabinus, The Cute Abiola, MC Koko, MC Mbakara, Pencil D Comedian, and many others. Kiriku has also starred in a Nollywood movie.

Kiriku Girlfriend/Wife
Kiriku is still young and cannot be said to be in any relationship for now. Kiriku is also not considered to be married.

Kiriku Social Media
Kiriku is an active user of the internet. His Instagram handle is @Kirikuofficial with 651k followers as of March 2022.

Kiriku Car And House
Glancing through Kiriku Biography there is No much information about this.

Kiriku has an estimated net worth of $50,000 dollars, Kiriku is a rising star in Nigeria's comedy and entertainment sector who will be around for a long time.

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