Child health is the physical, mental, social and emotional well-being of a child. The health status of the mother during pregnancy also need to be checked and be in good status for the sake of the child's health.  In recent years, the rate of death of newborn children is over millions every year hence, there need to be a different.  

What the UN should do differently. 

Firstly, the health of the girl child is what should be checked out first because she becomes the mother and the state of her health will tell on her child. The girl child should be protected from all forms of danger such as violence,forced marriage at tender age, sexual harasement etc. 

The pregnant women also   need to take good care of their health for their child's sake. They shouldn't engange themselves in activities that could make them feel stressed such as;  long hours spent on domestic chores,  job kind and it environment etc. 

The pregnant women should follow all medical instructions during pregnancy such as getting their name registered at the hospital, the kind of food they eat,to engange in some kind of exercise etc. All of these will go a long way on the health of the unborn child. 

The pregnant women also need to be educated on the kind of environment and things to expose their child to such as the kind of environment, exclusive breastfeeding should be practiced, the kind of food and nutrients he/she should be exposed to at some certain ages, time interval for medical check-up etc.

The government should make it affordable all medical services for both the mother and her child. This will make it  easy for  even the  poor to have  access to any form of medical service. 

UN should work with the government for the provision of  well trained  health workers,improvement on  the availability of medicines and reproductive health services,  to strengthen health systems, and promote international maternal health standards.