In Africa, reports and statistics show that as at 2018, 258 million children were out of school. Today, the numbers are rising geometrically; yet the social, political and economic factors in many African countries are not helping the situation of things.


Abayomi Adeola Della, Tsion Academy Launches Education Fund Bank, Seeks to Fund Out of School Children

During the COVID-19 pandemic year, Abayomi Adeola Della alongside a team of volunteers started a program in Osogbo, Ilorin and Akure, hosting over 300 children and teaching them Basic Education. Within three months of running, the team realized the increasing rate of out of school children and decided to launch the academy.

To do this, the team lead, Abayomi Adeola Della joined other women to fund the education of 100 children and get them into a mentoring programme with seasoned mentors. Between April and July 2021, they adopted and included over 25 children, putting them into the mentoring programme that ran from April through July 2021.

Abayomi Adeola Della, Tsion Academy Launches Education Fund Bank, Seeks to Fund Out of School Children
If we get more children to school - a school that caters for their academics, life skills and global citizenship education, nurtured with Mentorship, imagine what Africa would look like.

According to the official release, Adeola Abayomi Della's visionary assignment is to establish a FREE and QUALITY basic school for children where they can be groomed on relevant subjects, talents and life skills, having assessed their skills, passion and interests. The school is proposed to kick off from Ile-Ife, South-Western Nigeria, with at least 150 children.
The official release also shows the proposed plan by Tsion Academy to adequately take care of activities that many traditional schools  cannot operate. The team has gathered information and research work about the out of school children since July 2020 and now seeks to establish the free part time school for these out of school children. The Tsion Academy also hopes to focus on teaching the students monetized crafts and exposing them to solving global problems and challenges.

1. To start a *free and quality school* to complement what the children are taught in school but with the mix of teaching them tech, arts and crafts, dance, entrepreneurship and other global opportunities we can plug into that would be relevant to the goal.

2. We would be creating an *Education Fund Bank* that would cater for children whenever they need school fees. We would build a bank that would take care of at least 150 children in low income communities conveniently and keep funding the bank at 3-6 months intervals.
The release closed with an official call to fund the education bank. For interested donations, individuals, brands and organisations are advised to pay online using Flutterwave here or use the official fundraiser page hosted on Donate-NG. As an alternative, direct donations and funding can also be made payable via transfers only to Tsion Academy, WEMA Bank, 7810904848.
To actively join the Education Project in building the Education Fund bank, you can simply send a request to join the team here