Next African President by Lead Footprints Africa

The Next African President is a social impact driven initiative for secondary school students.

Hosted by Lead Footprints Africa, it is marked with the aim of engaging and harnessing the power of capacity building to empower and equip young minds in public speaking, leadership, human rights Education, including pending and rising global issues.


In an official press release signed by the founder and Executive director of Lead Footprints Africa (LFA), Tolulope Oguntayo, one of the gaps present in the African state is the absence of effectively driven orientation projects and capacity development trainings for young ones. As a result of this prolonged observation, Next African President is using an Oratory approach as a means to broaden the knowledge gaps amidst young minds on societal and developmental issues. Apart from ensuring that the young populace contributes to arising societal issues through value-driven opinions, it will also ensure that they gain access to practical aspect of the theoretical subjects as they are long used to in the present day educational system.

Tagged "21st Century Leadership", Next African President premiers its first edition and accommodates schools to participate with 3 participants each. To launch this programme, Lead Footprints Africa is engaging a social media campaign tagged "Throw back to Secondary school". According to the  release, the social media campaign seeks to create awareness on the essence of the program, Next African President. The campaign also hopes to reflect on the concept of human rights, taught in school as an elementary topic and pursues proper enlightenment as a result of the current situation of things.

Lead Footprints Africa Set to Host Next African President

The Next African President Contest will take a stage process. At the initial stage, participants from each school are expected to carry out a research on the program's theme (21st Century Leadership) and provide recommendations from their research. The second stage will involve a brainstorm by the students on a different topic. At this stage, participants are required to come up with supportive points. 


Lead Footprints Africa Set to Host Next African President

In its finals, students would be assigned to a sustainable development goal on the spot. The student is expected to discuss on the subject and after the final drill, a winner would be selected by the Judges.