Awards are Rewards, But May not be a True Reflection of Success - Peter Trailblazer

Awards are Rewards, But May not be a True Reflection of Success - Peter Trailblazer

In this interview, Phenomenal comedian, Skit maker and winner, Golden Pasta Drama Competition, Peter Trailblazer tells our team his content creation process and how Awards are rewards but not a true definition of success...

NNI: Can we meet you? 

Guest: My name is Peter Adeleke popularly known as Peter Trailblazer. I am a phenomenal comedian and skit maker from Ibadan, Oyo state, born 23rd January, 1996. I'm a graduate of Microbiology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. I grew up in Lagos with interest for comic acting and I decided to explore my talent with skit making. I grew from being a shy boy into an expressive and expansive skit maker. I won the second edition of the Golden Penny Pasta Drama Competition held in Lagos in 2007.

NNI: What birthed your brand name, Trailblazer and the Corporate Mad man identity?
Guest: I got the name Trailblazer by divine inspiration while on campus. Trailblazer is my signature and it typifies the phenomenal expression of my brand. I realized that comic actors come out in different form. That was why I decided to use a corporate outfit to create humour. You know once you wear a suit, you are regarded as a white collar person that is responsible. Notwithstanding, I use my corporate outfit to do crazy things so as to bring curiosity to the audience and also create sarcasm. It's just like an average Nigerian believes in packaging to be who they are really not.

NNI: How did your journey into content creation and comedy begin?

Guest: My journey into content creation began in 2015 at Obafemi Awolowo University during which I began a funny Life Partner series which went viral on campus. I just wanted to create organic and spontaneous videos in shorter versions to bring life's perspective into visual reality and to pass across salient message. All I wanted was to "edutain" people and I became better as I kept doing it. It was a bold step and now I am glad things are turning out well.

NNI: As a man of many creative hats, have you ever experienced content blocks? What was your experience?

Guest: Content creation requires you to think and make critical evaluations, not because you are not good but because you have to brainstorm on the best way to project the idea to the people. It's a norm for every content creator to experience content blocks.  Most times when I experience content blocks, I take a pause, think and discuss with my team on the best way to carry out the production to bring maximum result. Sometimes, I leave the project for some days, and when I get back to it, insight will surely come. 

NNI: What is your content creation process like? How do you arrive at the amazing content you dish your audience?

Guest: The process of content creation is fun for me. I always want my skit to inspire people and make them merry. So I combine the element of humor and theatrics to enlighten people and bring relaxation to them. I create content based on trends, inspiration, situation and relatability. I have a team of creative minds that work with me. Though I generally script, direct and edit all my skits myself but I could not have come this far without the support and input of my team. They worked hard to make many of my skits happen. They always had good suggestions and kept encouraging me to go on. I believe that actors must develop relationships within the network so as to provide more opportunities to advance their career. 

NNI:  What do you think of awards and achievements? How do they measure progress for you?

Guest: I won the second edition of the Golden Penny Pasta drama competition held in Lagos. So I can say that awards are ways of rewarding people who have done well. You are recognizing them for the good works they are doing.  Awards also motivate people to do more. However, some awards may not be a true reflection of success because it could be closely competitive and sometimes you only get to nominate the people you know. Some even go a long way to pay for an award. The most important metrics for progress is growth and result. The fact that one doesn't get an award does not mean one is not good. Just keep improving and doing your best. You will definitely be recognized with time.

NNI: As a creative and influencer, how best do you think celebrity status should be managed?

Guest: As a celebrity, a lot of people will actually look up to you. So be real. Be true to yourself. A whole lot of celebrities are living fake life. Just be yourself. Nobody is perfect. Keep improving on your character. More importantly, as a celebrity, why you try to bask in the glory of fame and fan love, you should always be humble. Humility will take you far. 

NNI: Many people complain that entertainment content in recent times has reduced in didactic quality. Do you think it's a matter of the creator's style?

Guest: Creators have a huge role to play in the kind of content to produce. However, the society, the trend, and the market have greater roles in influencing the creator's style. Content creators have now realized the kind of contents that the fans want. So creators are now being intentional about it. Hence the quality we see today.

NNI: What spectacular change do you wish to see in the entertainment and creative industry in the future?

Guest: There have been rapid growths in entertainment over the years. However, I will love to see more creatives using the platform of entertainment to address issues about the Nigerian economy. I will also love to see creatives support each other rather than see themselves as competition.

NNI: What advice will you give creatives interested in building a career in entertainment?

Guest: Persevere. The beginning will never be easy. I did a video on my YouTube channel titled, "why upcoming artist won't blow" where I talked about important things upcoming artist should know. As an upcoming artist, know your audience, focus more on your content, be creative, be consistent, persevere (because the beginning will never be easy), stay humble and don't give up.

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