Everyone Must Leverage Digital Marketing to Increase Value - Mary Fadare

NELOC News: Can we meet you?
Guest: I am Mary Fadare, a designer, business strategist and digital expert. I am the founder and lead of Mo'Tribe; a community that fosters personal development and business growth for young entrepreneurs where she commits herself to training and developing business owners. I am also the founder of phenomenal Ladies Connect Africa. PLC  Africa, where I lead a community of women who train other ladies to attain excellence across all fields and to amplify the voice of the African woman across the globe. To cap it all, as a graduate of the department of Botany, Obafemi Awolowo University, I am passionate about business and digital technology particularly leveraging digital tools for business growth and profitability.

NELOC News: How has the digital entrepreneurship journey been for you so far?
Guest: My digital entrepreneurship journey has been different shades of exciting, demanding and profitable for me. Of course it has come with it's own challenges, but I'm grateful for every step of the process.

NELOC News: To you, what is the relevance of digital marketing and how can individuals leverage it for growth?
Guest: Obviously, digital marketing is of high relevance - you almost can't do without it if you want to build a sustainable brand whether it's Business, Personal or even Non-profit. Individuals can leverage digital technology by making themselves visible to the right audience and give out as much value as possible.

NELOC News: How did you come about digital Skills? Are you self taught?
Guest: Well, I attended a conference sometimes in 2016 - The Opportunity Conference and I was completely wowed getting to know the amazing wonders of tech. I stepped out of the conference into a rollercoaster of seeking knowledge, trying out new adventures Online, learning as much as I could, and of course making a lot of mistakes and figuring out stuff on my own. So, yes, I'm self-taught with the help of Google.

NELOC News: How do you think social media management will affect the future of digital revolution?
Guest: New businesses and brands are springing up every minute on social media! A whole lot of people are creating content and making money from their social media followers. I think that goes on to say that it's definitely going to play a major role in changing the norm of how business is being done. The same goes for every other sectors as well. Today, we now have online law firms, online doctors, pharmacists, fitness trainers, just name it! So, like we usually joke, everything is now online! The digital revolution is here already.

NELOC News: How does internet data price rates affect your productivity online (positively or negatively)? How well have you managed data?
Guest: As regards internet data, I believe that network providers are not taking it easy on us at all. For me, a whopping 20% of my total revenue generated from my online business goes back into buying data. That's pretty much for an average SME. Sincerely, I try to cut down my time Online. At some point, I removed YouTube completely from my list of favorite Online platforms all in a bid to conserve data. The availability and effectiveness of internet data affects my productivity to some extent but like every other challenge in business - we just have to find a way around it by making sure we generate enough Income to cover for data expenses

NELOC News: As a digital expert building a product that revolves round you, what defines social impact for you?
Guest: Social impact for me is value! Being so value oriented, generous and kind in dealing with every single person that comes into my space Online. There's a special joy that fills my heart whenever I am able to deliver the right solution to people's problems and being a part of their business success stories. It's both humbling and overwhelming!

NELOC News: As leader of the Mo'Tribe, what exceptional skill do you think every entrepreneur and business owner should have? Why?
Guest: If there's any skill I'll recommend, it's resilience. Being extremely passionate and focused on your goals such that you'd go any length to make them work regardless of whatever challenge you encounter on the way. It's okay to feel tired sometimes, you may not have all the resources, pay may not see you in your days of little beginnings. But you've got to be "stubborn" enough to stick through and build relevance for yourself and sustainability for your business.

NELOC News:: Tell us more about what you do at Phenomenal Ladies Connect.
Guest: Phenomenal Ladies Connect Africa (PLCAfrica) is a nonprofit organization for ladies. Our vision is to inspire African ladies  towards attaining excellence and relevance in their chosen field everywhere around the world. The goal is to amplify the voice of the African Woman across the globe, to give more recognition and inclusion to us.

NNI: What is your view on Global Youth Development and growth as regards the digital world? 
Guest: I know that many people would respond to this by pointing out incompetence and laziness on the part of many youths out there. But I'd rather commend the efforts of a large number of youths who are consistently committing themselves to growth, making bold moves, challenging the status quo and contributing significantly to the Global Economy at large.

Of course there's always room for improvement. It can only get better. More and more people are waking up and rising to responsibility!

NELOC News: What is your advice to fellow young individuals?
Guest: Work hard while you can. The glory of youths is in their strength. Leverage that strength in you and numerous opportunities at your disposal to make a difference. Find a purpose to live for, focus on what really matters and enjoy your process!

NELOC News: What new heights do you hope to scale in the near future?
Guest: For new heights, I'd love to work with top Consulting firms and land business deals with high profile companies. I also hope to build enough wealth and begin to invest and sponsor small businesses with innovative solutions. I look forward to providing mentorship to young Entrepreneurs as well.



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