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How Hobeei, Social-Tech Initiative Reduces Inequality Using Waste

How Hobeei, Social-Tech Initiative and Freecycle App Reduces Inequality Using Waste

HoBeei is a Tech and Social business with the aim of reducing inequality using waste. This web app makes it easy for people to Freecycle by connecting people with unwanted items to those who need them. By doing so, the ultimate goal is achieved through improved savings by encouraging reuse and responsible consumption which benefits the environment and promote social responsibility. Hobeei's mission is to achieve resource redistribution in the most fun and exciting way which will encourage as many people to reduce hoarding and freecycle items as soon as they no longer have use for them.

 How Hobeei, Social-Tech Initiative and Freecycle App Reduces Inequality Using Waste

As a web-based social commerce platform that aims to contribute to the growth of society by minimising wastes, improving savings, and instigating a sense of social responsibility among people, the idea is to create an online market where people like you can give away their products for reuse instead of dumping them so that there will be minimal product wastage, better management of resources, and a greater growth of society.

Hobeei facilitates free recycling of products with the help of an in-built bidding system. It helps users to create colonies, join colonies of other people, list products for sale, create product lists, explore various products, and a lot more. Users can also place bids on products they wish or want to purchase. To do this, users need online credits and tokens called Buzzes (BZS). It’s a type of virtual currency that can be purchased using real money and with online payments. You can also use tokens to get items! See how to earn BZS. Upon Sign up, a user gets 1,500 BZS for free and bid for items you need from others! The highest buzzer wins and you get your BZS back when you don't win! 

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Users also get more BZS when people bid on items you have given away. You can buy buzzes when needed with much as 2,500 BZS with ₦150 only. Alternatively, you can win buzzes when you refer your friends to use Hobeei.

To use Hobeei, you have to create an account here. while you can also use it without registration, the usage rights will be limited and you’ll need to register with the app to avail full rights.

Hobeei runs with a team of volunteers who lead the Freecycle revolution. This team includes natural givers, people who havve personally or have seen
others struggle to afford items that others hoard and people who are tired of seeing items disposed of that could have been fixed and reused by others. To the team, it is a process and solution of resource redistribution. They also believe that Hobeei's duty is to solve the inequality gap using waste.

The Freecycle Revolution happens when People need what others no longer use. Hobeei stands to bridge the gap by connecting both ends. One way through which they do this is through its sharing economy which helps users to share items you no longer need with others and get better things you need in return! 

Hobeei also ensures Less Hoarding and gives more space for users. This is because you can give away items as soon as you no longer need them. For collectors, it improves your Smart Savings culture as With Hobeei, you improve savings! This is because you wouldn't buy when you can get items at almost no cost.

Finally, in accordance with eco-friendly innovation, Hobeei is helping users become Eco-concsious and  eco-friendly. This is because people understand the value in re-using items to sustain our environment.


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