Being Human, Being Black, Being Africa: WatchDog Not Watched Dog

By: Olakanmi Moyosore

The continual uproar of corruption and the dead-end promises of a better tomorrow justifies the 'hopelessness' you think for Africa, the inexplicable anger you vent, and the unconcern shrug you make. "It is what it is my sister" comes the rushing blurt from the lips of a tired activist.
There is no hope. However, in spite of the hopeless, frustrated, and disheartening situation, you still get up at the dawn of every morning. Why is that? 'Survival'.
Nine years and counting, we have heard the loud cry of 'Keeping It Real' by the renowned journalist; Adeola Fayehun who is speaking boldly on the ill-treatment made by African leaders. Fisayo Soyombo is another journalist who has taken upon himself to bring out his 'little hope' for a better Nigeria; then and still now.
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Mock news with Pararan is another platform, speaking possibilities for justice. For twenty-three years and counting, Dr. Stella Nyanzi still goes at length in making a change in Uganda despite the unruly reign of the President who has ruled for thirty-four years and counting with no visual achievement.
She speaks through activist walks and talks, through books and actions. She has been jailed eight times for speaking her 'little faith' for a better tomorrow.
I could talk about Ama Ata Aidoo, Wole Soyinka, Late Chinua Achebe, Late Wangari Maathai but to mention a few. The eye-opener of what state we can be in as a country or continent as the case may be, The true fact that you are not alone in the watch,
The thoughts provoking questions to be answered,
The raising of intellectual generations,
The foundation already laid. These are achievements we cannot overlook.
Are they there yet? Of course not! Was there a change? Yes. They all had that 'little faith' to watch, act, and speak. They took up their cross of 'little faith' believing consistently that it would add up someday.
Do you think their passion would pay off?
Then I would ask if your waking up each day would pay off? 
Ubani Irene, an International Journalist is another young mind for a hope...
In summary, the act for anti corrupt practice was not just for the old. It is happening now and would not end with now. An environment is created, a possibility is built and no matter how little the faith may seem, the watchmen(as I would call them), that sees beyond this world will readily leap on it. 
A popular saying: "A drop of water makes a mighty Ocean". This makes me affirmatively say; ' the little faith can create a bigger faith for a better world, how much more the contribution of the consistent and diligent true believer'?
We have not just watched, we are watching. We are not just dreaming, we are making. Although we are little, a man was all the creator needed; although bruised, we aspire for difference. Africa indeed is a 'mess', however, in all truth, it can be better. I believe.

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