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Nigeria- We Can Make It Happen

Far from a trial to rub our wounds, Nigeria will pick up soon as indicators show. The best way to support these indicators is to become motivation to ourselves.
For me, each time, I carry a belief that it is what I give in that I get back. It simply implies that when I give all the necessary zeal, strength and dexterity into a thing, I get "all the desired results." Then I took to history, reading to find stories of persons whom this principle have worked for and I'm here with the "I can do it attitude."

History has the tales of experts who were convinced that the ideas, plans, and projects of others could never be achieved. However, the accomplishment of those same rejected projects, came to those who said, "I can make it happen."

I sometime ago, read the story of The Italian sculptor- Agostino d'Antonio who worked diligently on a large piece of marble. Unable to produce his desired masterpiece, he lamented, "I can do nothing with it." Other sculptors also worked on this difficult piece of marble, but to no avail.
After sometime, Michelangelo discovered the stone and visualized the possibilities in it. His "I-can-make-it-happen" attitude resulted in one of the world's wonderful masterpieces.
As you read this account under the magnificent lighting of your environment, from your mail, social media or blog as the case may be, consider that what you call an absurdity and waste of time could become an asset. You would find out that you can make it happen!

Yours in Inspiration

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