How the Tech Sector Hopes to Scale Through Coronavirus

At the height of global suffering in the deadly hand of novel Coronavirus virus disease, accusing fingers have been pointed at fifth generation Internet technology (5G) as the main cause of the pandemic.

5G is a fifth generation of mobile technology which is an improvement on today’s 4G technology with enhanced capabilities. The technology provides the platform for new and emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to improve the way we live and work.

Indeed, the world over, arrival of a new technology is often celebrated, just as the 5G technology was not quite long ago. However this 5G technology has been indicated once that it poses threats to life, even when these have not been scientifically proven.

It can be said therefore that the ongoing outburst against 5G technology by concerned individuals is understandable, particularly in the light of the current delicate global health situation which has been claiming lives in thousands.

Emerging evidences from authorities have, however, shown that the concerns raised so far were merely laced with fear, emotion, conspiracy theories and these are further given bonus by the level of ignorance of the populace about the subject matter..

Telecoms operators in the Nigeria have corroborated this, saying “Even with all the virtues of the novel 5G, our BTS Sites across the country are still bereft of this technology. We will want to re-emphasize that several studies have been carried out even before the 5G emergence, indicating that the microwave emissions from these infrastructures have no harmful effect on human health.”

It has been approved by the government agencies concerned with radiation protection and nuclear safety across the world as not having the negative health effects of more intense radiation.
There is high hope from the new 5G technology, but it's until one gets to know pretty much about the technology, it may be easy to see it as another of such technologies that campaign in poetry but end up governing in prose. But by all standards, this is not the case as far as 5G is concerned.

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