With over one hundred and five kinds of languages in Nigeria, we can't possibly know everything even if we try hard to.
It is definitely not impossible, but will take a long while.

As beautiful as the diversity of languages is, it serves as a barrier to the nation and we can't overlook the fall it would have on us as a nation especially when it comes to social and economical gain. The major tribes (Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo) are still striving to  a balance in communication as to what is important or not, it is not far fetched the major difference in the argument is the fact that language is not understood by nine of the tribes.

What does language bring? Or better put what is so special by the uniformity of language?

The unity brings still amazing me, the uniformity in the languague in the zone of the United kingdom has brought the whole done thus far. No argument either when we say America is one language nation in which they have sustained the whole national unity.
No matter what they all had languages special to them and in what way created a sense of knowing what one another is saying.

If we so crave national unity in Nigeria we need a unique language that is born within us even if it is not noticeable now.
If we got to make the Hausa understand the importance of education language goes far
If we have got to tell the Igbos the importance of education language goes far
If we have got to tell the Yorubas the importance of education language still goes far
It you have got to tell any of the tribe the Importances of anything at all language does the trick.
What about national unity?
If we need to build the brotherly love language goes far?
What be to us?
Pidgin! In other words, broken English
Now there are issues arising in the use of the language such as the language not having a root, or the language not having an error( you can find more on gbedu magazine) what should ask our self is
Isn't the language bringing the unity we need?
If the language does more good than harm why the hesitant on the legalizing of the language.
The citizen of the country can't deny the joy they experience when speaking the language even at the mention of its name. Even the white and other countries get the thrill of the language no wonder the BBC took upon itself to have pidgin as a broadcast.
America got different criticism when they were about to bring the American language out different from your and posh Queen's English. They had to sit down and realize what they actually wanted to achieve, they needed unity and a bond of the nation, they saw they had a different approach to English and decided they would have their English and so far so good it has been working for them.
It wouldn't be bad if Nigeria follows suit as the language speaks volumes of unity and international recognition.
It brings the numerous number of the ethnic group we have together and bonds us to knowledge.
It would bring an easy understanding to the student if schools and make teachers work easier.
Gbedu magazine has started the part of telling the importance of pidgin as it is written in pidgin, gives different languages in pidgin, and makes news in pidgin. It shows also the importance of why we should not allow the language to go into extinction; it would be like hanging our own mother tongue and living a slave to who we fought against.
Our greatest fear is the fear and nothing we do.
English isn't our language why should we continue in it?
We have different ethnic groups we can't pick one and neglect others...
Why then should we kill an inborn language mother nature has given to us
It was born in us. Liken it to a child we nurture, Children could be difficult yes! But that doesn't make them useless.