"Beneatha, are you going for a beauty contest? I have never seen you spend so much time in front of the mirror like this.' Doris comments as Beneatha draws her brows. 'Well... it's all 'bout my new date I met on Facebook three months ago. Doris, this guy is amazingly cute. We've always had an online lovely time together. So, when he suggested that we should meet at Country Kitchen today, I couldn't resist him. He's such a nice guy.' Doris shrugs and giggles. She reminds Beneatha of her past experiences with online dating. She recalls her encounter with a dishonest person who created a profile with a dating site only for scamming her and other members.

'Gosh! You're so paranoid for my liking. I am an adult and I don't mind doing crazy things to find true love.' Beneatha says and bangs out of the room. Doris claps her palms in surprise. She wonders how a sane person will just choose to confide in a kind of abstract lover. What if the guy turns out to be a dangerous and evil. Perhaps a ritualist or a rapist? It will definitely end in tears.

Online dating is also known as internet where people find and contact each other through the internet to arrange a date, usually with the goal of developing a personal and romantic relationship.

Most times, online dating is usually a facade because it doesn't help to detect the true love. Hence, it becomes a love path that neither did run smooth nor balance. Below are some side effects of online dating:

There is a lot of personality misrepresentation because people tend to lie about their past and character.

Waste of time, effort and money as many online dating users never had the chance to meet anyone face to face.

Increased chances of impersonation or identity theft because geographical distance makes physical closeness difficult if not impossible.

It's difficult to meet people with similar core values, faith, interest, background and preferences.

Relationship consensus is very sensitive. It's a decision that can either make or mar your life. Thus, there's need for proper physical interactions and observations.

Online dating might be trendy or attractive but you'll be playing a risky game of meeting any/every Tom, Dick and Harry because...

True love doesn't come out cheap or on a 'platter' of chance!